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So many partings...

Another rare public post.  Making it so because in my last public post I mentioned my 97-year-old aunt.  She passed away on June 28, having started to fade immediately after her birthday in May (from what my cousin told me).  Died in her sleep while taking an afternoon nap.  I can't really think of a more painless way to go.  While looking for her obituary in her hometown paper (the same town where my dad's family settled in the mid-1600s and where there are still a few extended family members even now), I found an obituary from mid-June for one of the cousins in my aunt's generation.  I believe he and my aunt were the last of that generation, actually.

Earlier this week my mother got news that one of her cousins on my maternal grandmother's side had passed away.  She lived in Canada and I don't remember ever meeting her, and she had been ill for many years, but still...that's three in just a few weeks.  I hope that's all for a good long while.
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Friday morning I happened to glance at the obituary section of the local paper, where I discovered to my dismay that my landlord passed away this week.  Granted, he was 93, but still...although I hadn't seen him in a few months because his nephew was doing the day to day property management, I didn't even know he had been ill (apparently that was the case, as in the obituary the family thanked caregivers who had helped them over the past few months).  I don't know what the future holds for my housing situation.  I wasn't around when the nephew came by to tell the tenants on Thursday because I was at work and then out all evening, but my upstairs neighbor told me that for now we're supposed to keep on sending checks to the landlord's address as we had been doing all along.  Really hoping that I don't have to move anytime soon.  I love it here.

Then yesterday I called up to New York to wish my aunt a happy 97th birthday (yes, 97!) and she was asleep, but my cousin told me that she's not doing well at all, that she's had a marked decline over the past two months and they think she's ready to pass and don't know how much longer she'll live.  Again, granted, 97 is a good long life and she's been in amazingly good shape until quite recently, but no one had told me about this until I called, so it came as a shock. So now I wait for updates...    :(
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When work bleeds over into sleep...

Here's a rare public post.  Nothing in it that I want to hide...

I was making an elaborate "beeper card" for our new resident physicians, but it was larger and had more info on it.  I was working on the project when the phone rang.  Someone in the room told me that a major publication needed the info NOW and asked me if I could just read it to the person on the other end of the line.  I started to do so, and before I got through the first resident's name (which was Joan, although in the dream it took me a moment to recognize it when I read it), they said they needed to know when all the residents had vaccinations.  I said I'd go ask...so went to talk to an unknown/unrecognized person in charge.  Of note, I was very flustered during this part of the dream.  I kept making excuses that i had never dealt with this stuff before.  The person in charge gave me three small-to-medium jugs that had paperwork attached, and one of them said "titer" on it.  I was carrying other stuff as well, including a container labeled "sweet potato."  I carried all these things to what was apparently my apartment, and I was thinking that it was the weekend and here I was working.  I wondered if they'd give me comp time or if I was working for free.  I planned to use the information from the papers with the jugs to complete my list of vaccinations.  I got back to the phone (after all this time!) and the guy was still on the other end.  I spoke to him for a moment then put the phone down to look for more info.  The phone didn't appear in the dream after that...instead there was a man in the room with me who was dressed like a professor, and we were talking.  He mentioned his wife, who in the dream worked with me and I couldn't stand her, she was really prim and proper, but I didn't tell him that, just listened to him instead.  He said she was under pressure at work from above because it's been 12 years (inferring that she should leave if she's not going to advance).  I don't remember anything of the dream beyond that part of the conversation.

Interesting related thought: As of a few weeks ago I'm now in my 12th year at my current job.  Hmmm...
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On hold...

Computer has to go in the shop.  There is plenty to update about but it'll have to wait until I get it back and can get on line at home.

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General all-purpose post...

So.  I'm just going to make a quick post that isn't friends-locked, because I really do have a life that's not connected to my...um...strange obsession.  So to catch up on everything else:

Work: Very boring of late.  I work on the same set of projects every day and feel like a hamster in a wheel.  At least there's the occasional levity in my cubicle area.  We ARE getting a new electronic health record that will "go live" in a couple of weeks, and I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but at least the challenge will make things interesting for awhile.

Music: Mostly positive.  I do tend to play with the same group of people pretty consistently.  We're not the "cool crowd" on the local scene, but that's okay albeit a little dull at times.  Even though the "cool crowd" is more my age than these (older) folks are, I don't really connect with them that well and I find them a little intimidating.  The folks I play with, well, there's one couple who I play VERY well with.  Unfortunately, when they can't make it to the usual jam sessions, things are decidedly lackluster.  That happened a couple of times in the past week, although last night I finally got to play with them some.  By then, though, I was tired from a long day/evening and was distracted and so were they, so not much music was involved.  There's always next time.

Family: I got to spend some time with a cousin from New York yesterday, as she was visiting my mom for the weekend.  My sister and her family are coming to the East Coast for a couple of weeks starting this Thursday, and we'll get to spend some time together, although not a lot, as Mom and the in-laws will be taking up the bulk of their time, along with a side trip to a wedding up North.  It'll be nice to see them, though.

Other Stuff: I continue to NOT meet any new men, let alone any who are interesting and available, and that's pretty discouraging to me, seeing as how I've been getting out and socializing for six months now.   :(
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Just a snippet...

All I can remember is that I was caravanning with a bunch of other people in cars to go to a wedding in Alaska, and it started in an HOUR, and for whatever reason our departure time was put off more and more, until it was really too late, and Meredith (bass player in my former band, and someone with whom I always had a difficult relationship) was chastising me for something related to this (can't remember).

* * *

One thing that came up for me was the unfinished song that I wrote years ago, with the chorus (all that I wrote) that said, "And I'd walk to Alaska, darlin', if you want me to, I'd go walking to Alaska, but only for you."

This definitely bears more pondering to try to figure out some sort of interpretation for it.  I wish I could remember more, but this was the basic plot.
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I have...

some great news that I didn't want to post on Facebook and had forgotten to mention earlier.  After five years without a raise at work, including a 3% pay cut from which we got 1% back...The Powers That Be have decided that it's time to reward the long-suffering staff by giving back the rest of that pay cut plus 3% more.  So I'm getting a 5% raise in August.  I realize that this works out to 1% a year when you consider how long it's been since my last raise, but still...I'm pretty darned happy that we're finally getting SOMETHING.

One other thought, completely unrelated and very weird...and I've been meaning to post this as well, but again not on Facebook for obvious reasons: Sometimes I wish that male brothels were legal.  I swear I really do.  Because I have been involuntarily celibate for so long (since 8/2001) that at this point I would almost be willing to pay someone to have sex with me.   :::sigh:::

I know he's gotta be out there somewhere.
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And another one...

I was in a large atrium-type space, and some sort of religious service or performance with choir began taking shape with people gathering.  Paul Ghosthorse (old college classmate, now a Lakota elder) and others appeared in robes, wearing odd hats shaped like British bobby helmets or something along those lines.  The robes were at least partially a rich deep blue (cobalt, maybe, like David's truck?) and the hats were black.

I started to leave...probably because I thought the ceremony wasn't open to outsiders, but hey, it was in an open space and others were gathering and milling around, so I went back, but felt sneaky doing so.

Then I was on a balcony overlooking the event.  Kathleen C. (my neurotic self-centered sometime friend) was standing next to me.  I spotted Paul down on the floor.  He was facing in our direction and I wanted Kathleen to see who he was, both because I went to school with him and because he's handsome.  I tried to get her to look but she was obviously disinterested.  At this point I got angry and said, "Shove it, Kathleen!" and she heatedly told me to shove it too.

I lost whatever happened after this, I think not much...I don't think there was any more exchange with Kathleen, but Susette Shiver (a new music friend) was sitting at a table behind the balcony by herself and I turned around and saw her.  We greeted each other.  That's all I can remember.