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Popping in to talk about various random stuff:

1.  I think I'm finally on the mend. The Thursday doc put me on prednisone and scheduled rescue inhaler, then the Saturday doc said I was improved enough to come off that regimen. I had been horribly worried about my super-fast heart rate, and he had me sit quietly and breathe while he took my pulse for a minute, and it actually came down below 100.  He told me to try not to worry about it and try not to check it.  I got the impression that a large part of the problem was due to psyching myself out.  I'm not uncomfortable or jittery at this point, and a couple of times I've snuck a quick pulse check, and it does seem to be slowly normalizing.  What a relief.  And I was so happy to finally feel that it was okay to have just a little bit of coffee with breakfast today.  I had missed that over the last few days!

2.  I've had a very leisurely weekend for the most part.  Okay, I did do a pile of dishes and get my tax stuff ready to take to the accountant, and I'm headed to the laundromat shortly, but other than that?  Well, I rediscovered the game of Hearts this weekend (having played enough Free Cell to come out of my ears) and named the other three players after some of my baseball boyfriends, and have been getting a kick out of that.  I also got totally lost on the blog of someone I never heard of -- on Blogspot, not LJ -- it showed up in one of my Google Alerts about one of my boys, and I liked the entry enough to keep reading.  Just some young woman from New England with a rather chaotic life.  She's a good writer (and a prolific one), and there's enough meaty stuff in her recent posts that I can't stop reading.  Trouble is, the way that particular blog is set up, there's no links to archives, so I have to read the blog in reverse chronological order.  Apparently she's had this journal for several years so I've got a lot of reading to do.  Yeah, I'm nosy.  But it's fascinating and I'm totally hooked.

3.  In an effort to keep myself calm and get my heart rate down, I've been taking advantage of my usual tranquilizing media: Internet audiostreams of ambient music...and baseball games.  Thanks, MLBN, for the "All-Time Games" series on the weekends.  Last night I stayed up way too late (after getting up way too early) because of all things, what was on?  Game 1 of the 2007 WS!!! That was right around the time that I was falling for the Red Sox and it was just amazing to see MY BOYS the way they were then.  They all looked so young!  And I was right about what I've said to my fellow female Red Sox fans many times over the past several years...just wait until Jacoby goes through the "25 change," as I call it.  This.  He looked like a baby in 2007, and just look at him now!  Anyway, watching that game was so therapeutic.  I had to get horizontal around halfway through, but I fell asleep feeling so contented.

4.  Speaking of baseball, why does everything have to heat up (including spring training games, lots of them, on MLBN and ESPN) just when I really need to start packing and apartment-hunting and doing other necessary real-life things?  I suppose I could avoid sleeping for the next couple of months, LOL...but seriously, I don't know how I'm going to fit all this stuff in!

5.  And also speaking of baseball, the Cardinals have signed Felipe Lopez as a utility infielder, and I know I shouldn't pay too much attention to all the armchair managers on the various blogs and forums, but there is some buzz that this leaves Julio as the odd man out once again, especially since there's yet another guy on the bench with whom he's competing for playing time.  Little Guy just can't seem to catch a break no matter how hard he tries.  On the other hand, there's the veteran factor and he also can back up several different positions (and did quite well at 2B last season), so I think this could go either way.  It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.  Keeping my fingers crossed for him.

I'm off like a herd of turtles.  Hope my friends are having a lovely Sunday!
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