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Just thinking...

Some of the folks I've befriended in real life over the last several of years (to whatever degree) are real chatterboxes who seem to talk just to hear themselves talk, are totally self-absorbed, etc.  I have to wonder if this is karmic payback for all the years that I was one of those people.  Or could it be that I've become a total introvert since those aforementioned years?  I don't just crossed my mind.

In other news, I haven't even checked on here since my last post, I don't think.  I'm going to make time for that a little later today.  Got massive housework to do first.  Hope all my LJ friends are well.

ETA: For anyone who is wondering because I live in North Carolina, I live on the far western end of the state, about 400 miles from the coast.  The western rain bands from Irene stayed a good 200 miles to the east of me.  All we got here in the mountains was a brisk breeze for a couple of days, as well as counterclockwise cloud movement.    I'm glad the storm damage elsewhere was less than expected, at least in most places, and as I noted on my Facebook, I heard that the length of time it took the eye to traverse the eastern edge of North Carolina was one of the reasons that the storm didn't regroup as it went up the coast, otherwise things may not have turned out so well.
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