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General all-purpose "this week" stuff...

I just realized I haven't updated since my David-related tour de force on Sunday, so before I make a separate post about him (having run into him again this evening and fit an incredible amount of conversation into a two-item transaction), let me catch up on everything else.

1.  The "hella sore" shoulder I mentioned a couple of posts ago eventually became purely agonizing.  When one has sore muscles and is guarding their use, it seems that other adjoining muscles get overused and thus sore, and this was exactly what happened to me.  So rather than just my shoulder, I also had pain from my left shoulder blade around to my left breast, up into my neck, down to my elbow, plus a tingling hand.  I ended up staying home from work for two days, spending half of one of those days either seeing the doctor, getting an x-ray (actually of my chest because some of my pain had me worried about pneumonia), or sitting in the waiting room.  The x-ray was clear, so basically I just had to rest, take pain meds as needed, and wait for it to resolve enough for me to go back to work.  I was never so happy as when I finally was able to do my stretching exercises after five days of doing without.  Talk about being STIFF!  I'm all better now, thankfully, and spent the last three days trying to make a dent in a huge stack of work that had accumulated in my absence at work.

2.  If you live on the East Coast you know that the spring-like weather was displaced within the last couple of days by an arctic blast, not the worst one I've ever seen, but a sharp contrast to what we've been having.  Yes, there were tornadoes in North Carolina, and they were relatively close to me, within an hour or so.  Here, the day/night the front came through featured rain and lots of it, and late in the afternoon the sun peeped through for just a little while, and outside my office building was this (minus the reflected ceiling lights from the room where I took the picture):

3.  And finally, food.  This week's menu included a pasta bake with parmesan white sauce and spinach (the pasta was slightly overcooked, and I should have actually used the amount of salt called for in the recipe rather than being all health conscious), and last night, a marathon simmering session as I made pork carnitas (or at least a version thereof).  Dinner was not served until 10-freakin'-30 at night, but it was amazingly good -- with roasted red peppers and sour cream on corn tortillas.  I remembered after the fact that I was supposed to add cilantro and lime juice, so will do that for the leftovers.   :)

And I believe that is all for now.  Stay tuned for David update #3,816,249.  Hehe...

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