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It just occurred to me that someday I will read back over all my incessant blathering about David and either laugh or cringe, or more than likely both.

In other news, I thought I was over my stomach thing but I guess not.  The saga began this morning at work when I developed a blindingly bad migraine and took some Imitrex for it, which didn't help at all.  It was the kind of migraine that did NOT include nausea, thankfully, so I was able to eat lunch and that eased the pain a bit, but for some reason I felt absolutely spaced out...sort of a migraine hangover.  I got through the "must do today" part of my work and then came home and went to bed.  Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep -- just laid there for three hours until it was time to get up and cook supper (at least I thought I was going to).  I began feeling queasy almost as soon as I got up so tried to stave it off with some [freshly bought, non-expired!] yogurt, but that only made it worse.  I couldn't even stomach the thought of trying to deal with cooking, so the cookbook went back on the shelf and once again it's sick tummy soup for dinner.  I'm rather miserable and oh so frustrated.  Apparently there IS some sort of stomach bug going around, and if I'm not mistaken there are headaches associated with it, so I'm guessing this is what I'm dealing with.  Make.It.Stop....
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