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Busy week!

Family time was a lot of fun.  I took Tuesday off, and unfortunately it rained, so tentative plans for window shopping with mom and sister went out the window.  Instead all of us (sister, brother in law, three kids, me, my mom and stepdad) went up to the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway, about 15 minutes from my place, to look at gorgeous arts and crafts, both on display and in the gift shop.  Came home with a mug that had caught my eye, and amazingly enough, when I turned it over, it happens to have been made by musician friends of mine who also are renowned potters in this neck of the woods.

After that: Lunch at Greek/Italian bistro that we've gone to before.  Had "not the best pizza ever," but it was edible enough.  Back to Mom's to hang out for the rest of the afternoon, then dinner at the retirement community's dining hall, or as my sister calls it, "old people buffet."  Good enough, and filling.  Then we visited some more until I was ready to come home and crash.

Worked a half day Wednesday then went back to my mom's and we all hung out (with various people detouring onto walks and side errands) until it was time to all go downtown to the pub where I play on Wednesday evenings, well, late afternoons.  Most everyone in the old-time music world was at a huge convention in West Virginia this week, but a few of us did some calling around and found enough stay-at-homes to show up for what turned out to be a great session.  My family was really excited to get to hear me play live, as it had been many many years due to my lengthy hiatus.  My sister said she was SO proud of me for getting back into it.  After that...dinner at the pub (they serve pretty decent meals), then more hanging out at Mom's until even later in the evening.

Thursday: An all-afternoon training session on a new electronic health record program that we'll be "going live" with in a week.  Totally confusing.  I am NOT comfortable with it and can only hope that things will become clearer as I actually start using it.  I suspect I'll be asking our tech support folks a LOT of questions.

Anyway, all of the above succeeded in kicking my butt, and sleeping a full eight hours as I did last night felt awfully good.

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