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Friday morning I happened to glance at the obituary section of the local paper, where I discovered to my dismay that my landlord passed away this week.  Granted, he was 93, but still...although I hadn't seen him in a few months because his nephew was doing the day to day property management, I didn't even know he had been ill (apparently that was the case, as in the obituary the family thanked caregivers who had helped them over the past few months).  I don't know what the future holds for my housing situation.  I wasn't around when the nephew came by to tell the tenants on Thursday because I was at work and then out all evening, but my upstairs neighbor told me that for now we're supposed to keep on sending checks to the landlord's address as we had been doing all along.  Really hoping that I don't have to move anytime soon.  I love it here.

Then yesterday I called up to New York to wish my aunt a happy 97th birthday (yes, 97!) and she was asleep, but my cousin told me that she's not doing well at all, that she's had a marked decline over the past two months and they think she's ready to pass and don't know how much longer she'll live.  Again, granted, 97 is a good long life and she's been in amazingly good shape until quite recently, but no one had told me about this until I called, so it came as a shock. So now I wait for updates...    :(
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