Faith (ecl1958) wrote,

So many partings...

Another rare public post.  Making it so because in my last public post I mentioned my 97-year-old aunt.  She passed away on June 28, having started to fade immediately after her birthday in May (from what my cousin told me).  Died in her sleep while taking an afternoon nap.  I can't really think of a more painless way to go.  While looking for her obituary in her hometown paper (the same town where my dad's family settled in the mid-1600s and where there are still a few extended family members even now), I found an obituary from mid-June for one of the cousins in my aunt's generation.  I believe he and my aunt were the last of that generation, actually.

Earlier this week my mother got news that one of her cousins on my maternal grandmother's side had passed away.  She lived in Canada and I don't remember ever meeting her, and she had been ill for many years, but still...that's three in just a few weeks.  I hope that's all for a good long while.
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