Faith (ecl1958) wrote,

And so a new month dawns...

Right around 40 degrees this morning, as predicted.  There's ground fog outside my window and the furnace has come on this morning even though I (stubbornly refusing to give in to the onset of fall) have the thermostat set at 60.  I don't much like the smell of "first heat" as the air ducts clear themselves, and of course it won't help my allergies much.

My Internet travels this morning, as always, have included the Red Sox section of the Globe, and it looks like Wakey is done for the year.  :::hugs him:::   I had Gameday going last night even though I was busy doing other things around the house, and honestly?  I'm glad I skipped the live broadcast of that game.  Ugh.

Finally, here's a timely quote I found in an article over at yesterday (one of my favorite websites for political and social commentary), on the subject of decluttering.  "Most of the stuff left behind, though, was just random big-box store dreck, the crap that fills your closet or basement, biding its time before going off to the landfill. Attachments, as they say, lead to stress, and when you're looking at a new start in new circumstances, why not discard what you don't need, what's holding you back in some past situation you want to be free of."  Yes.  Exactly.

Time to get ready for work.  Enjoy the day, y'all.
Tags: cleaning house, random, red sox, weather

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