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Haha, another creative post title.  Just can't think right now, am too busy with preparations for my trip.  So many bizarre festival outfits to concoct...watch, I'll end up wearing T-shirts and jeans the whole time.  But I'm planning ahead just in case.  But I digress, 'cause  really this post is about a dream I had last night.

I was in the back seat of a car (there's that car theme again!) sitting next to someone who appeared to be Robert Mitchener (an old friend from the music scene).  He fell asleep and actually went face down with his legs in the air and his face against the floorboard.

Next part that I remember, he was awake again and we were with some other people and he was talking about how he had had nose surgery and...I lost the next little bit but it involved something with another guy...maybe the doctor messed up his nose?  I looked more closely and this was NOT Robert Mitchener's normal (and rather dainty) nose.  It was coarse and thick and bulbous and had a groove in it.

One of the other people there began talking, emoting, being kind of goofy.  He had blond hair and glasses and looked a bit like Craig Hansen (someone I went to high school with).  He was not attractive at all but I was looking intently at him and trying to find something sexually attractive about him (those were the words that came into my mind while I was actually dreaming).  We all were standing around with drinks in our hands.  I was drinking water...and a woman who was standing across from me handed me a glass of clear liquid and I sniffed it, thinking it might be moonshine instead, but it wasn't.  I took a sip and it was water...

and then the alarm went off.
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5/17/2012 dreams...

1.  I was cleaning a toilet, and dumped cleaner from a container into it, and all kinds of debris fell in as well -- cans, cardboard...and I was fishing it out.

2.  I was in an unfamiliar residential neighborhood setting.  It looked sort of "bohemian," for lack of a better word.  I was walking downhill on a sidewalk and scraped my sandal on the ground and it fell apart.  I was very near where I needed to be, but I felt stuck because of the loss of the sandal.  A young woman offered to help me, and then we were in (apparently her house?) and there were a lot of "leftovers"/lost and found items, and she was going to find me a shoe.

Then I was in a house with a bunch of young people, none of whom I knew.  I was observing them, figuring I'd get to know them later.  Again, the tone of the scene was "bohemian," both the people and the surroundings, but they weren't WAY out there, had normal hair, just sort of "hippie" clothes.

One young man, who appeared to be Asian, asked me if I'd like to smoke some pot, and I hedged, wasn't sure...asked him how strong it was and he said it was STRONG, and I said I didn't know because I hadn't smoked in so long,  He said maybe I shouldn't, then.  I told him at one point in my life I smoked daily for 20 years, and he said, "Really?" but then he disappeared from the scene and I only saw him from across the room later and never did end up smoking.

I think there was more to this dream, but the only other interaction that stuck with me is that some guy asked me how I liked living in the neighborhood, and I gave pretty much my usual "real life Haw Creek" answer about how every day I'm amazed as I drive home when I get to the spot where things start getting scenic (or, as I put it, "where things widen out").  Note that in the dream, the neighborhood appeared to be more like an in-town residential setting, houses close together, sidewalks, etc.
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With respect to Amendment One...

I've already posted something on Facebook about Amendment One because I'm incredibly pissed about it, but this one thing I have to post here instead.  I have a fundamentalist coworker who friended me sometime back -- if it weren't for the fact that she works right down the hall and I have to see her every day and have several other coworkers on my list, I would never have friended her, and I sort of wish I hadn't because I get sick and tired of her "God this" and "God that" posts.  But I digress...she got married a few weeks ago, in a very traditional ceremony with a non-alcoholic and "no dancing allowed" reception, and I find it just incredibly distasteful that she chose TONIGHT, just a couple of hours after the amendment passed (and this after she posted a status update yesterday urging everyone to do the "Christian thing" and vote for marriage to be between one man and one woman because that's what God wants)...to post her damn wedding pics.  Just really deliberately nasty shitty timing, fundie bitch.

Yeah, I went and said it.  Because I can't say it on Facebook.  So there.
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What is this about driving?

I wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me?

1.  I was in some sort of parking garage trying to find the correct exit.  There was one of those mobile "check your speed" signs set up, and I was at an acceptable speed, but I took my foot off the gas and started coasting just to be sure.

2.  I was on a narrow country road that went through woods, had curves, and was going downhill.  There was some danger associated with me being on this road, but I don't remember the reason.  I passed some signs of civilization...a building? a sign? not sure, and decided to mindfully enjoy the journey and the things I passed along the way.
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Same idea, different day...

Whoops, time got away from me and I forgot to keep up with my gratitude posts.  It's actually nice when life is so busy and full that I'm not just skipping out of laziness!  So what am I thankful for?

1.  Enough food in the house to get me through until my grocery run tomorrow afternoon...I'm halfway through a simple but nutritious supper (big green salad with some tuna, and a whole wheat bagel with a little bit of butter).

2.  Successfully completing my Holter monitor study (just for my peace of mind re: my recent palpitations, which have continued albeit milder and less frequent).  Wasn't  fun wearing electrodes and wires for 24 hours, especially when part of the time was spent at a social occasion, but it's over and done with as of 9:00 this morning.  Fingers crossed about the results.

3.  My fiddle chops are finally coming back in earnest and I've started getting compliments on my playing.  I went to a potluck supper/music party last night and for part of it was leading a session on my own, later joined by another fiddler with whom I traded off selecting tunes for the remainder of the evening, and it went fine.  I eventually burned out (having been up since 5:15 because my Holter appointment was early yesterday morning) and needed to go home, but I felt really good about the way the evening went.  I have several other social occasions coming up...above and beyond the regular Wednesday session.  I feel like the ball is finally rolling again, and it feels great.

4.  I'm thankful that curiosity and desire to move into the modern age has finally gotten the best of me...today while I was at Best Buy to buy printer ink I spent some time talking to a saleswoman about smartphones and having her show me a little bit about how they work.  I'm not making any purchases YET...I'm thinking MAYBE a few months down the road when the money on my emergency prepaid flip phone runs out.  Part of me is terrified, especially as the saleswoman says they DON'T come with instruction manuals, people just figure them out on their own.  R U KIDDING ME?  But I think it's time I learned this stuff and stopped living in the Dark Ages.  So...I'm thankful that I'm finally starting to ask questions, however basic and tentative.

I could go on and on, there's so much to be thankful for right now, but I don't want to run on all night so will save some for another day.    :)
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Gratitude...day 1

I think I need a little mood boost...no, make that I *KNOW* I need a mood boost, so I'm gonna try doing a gratitude challenge (if I can remember to post every day, that is).

I am thankful that I am willing to listen to my body and stay home from a planned event rather than wear myself down further (I developed a nasty headache this afternoon, and although it's mostly gone, I'm fried, wiped out, etc., and this was not the condition in which I wanted to show up at Wednesday night tunes...so I'm home having a quiet evening).

I am thankful for a good long soaking rain that was really needed around these parts.

I am thankful that I have two social events planned for the weekend!  Music party Friday night, and on Sunday, brunch/probable music with dear friends who are visiting the area from out of town.    :)

I am thankful that all I have to do is cook some rice and fix some salad, and dinner will be ready.  Speaking of which...
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Just woke up and still remembered this much of a dream I had earlier this morning:

I was in a bus traveling through the darkness across a frigid Arctic or near-Arctic landscape.  I remember hearing a name that ends in "land," but not one that was familiar to me (e.g., Lapland, Finland, etc.).  I was apparently on some sort of tour with a group (as became evident a little later).  The main thing I remember is looking out at isolated lights and clusters of lights shimmering through ice fog (an eerie and beautiful sight), also the sound of snow crunching under the wheels of the bus.

We got to our next destination and were in a building, it seemed to be some sort of tourist center or waystation.  The signage was in English, and when I asked why, the gist of what I was told is that there are native languages in use but the official language is English.  A few of us in the group that had been on the bus were going to stay here while the rest continued on.  I had my luggage and other items with me.  I was milling around briefly in some sort of little lobby area, and then was in a large sleeping room.  Katie Wills was with me.  The "beds" were basically narrow planks, side by side in scattered groupings throughout the room, covered with colorful "native" style blankets.  They were so narrow that one wouldn't be able to turn over on them.  I spotted one large double bed towards the back of the room -- it looked pretty cushy and I was drawn towards it (for obvious comfort reasons!) but knew that it wasn't meant for me -- I was supposed to sleep on one of the plank beds, so I was checking out the group right in front of the big bed.  I'm pretty sure Katie said something while we were looking at the beds, but I don't recall what.
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Spring walk...

Today, after getting a haircut and having an impromptu lunch with my mother, I did something I had been meaning to do for awhile: I went downtown just to walk around and people watch and see what funky shops and hole in the wall eateries are there.  Note that this is a lively vibrant little city with a reputation for such things, but during my lengthy hermitage I didn't take advantage of any of it.  So on this lovely spring day (temps in the 60s) I made what turned out to be a brief pilgrimage, because I had been up since 6:15 so was tired, and I hadn't stretched this morning, and so I wore out quickly.  But during that time I passed storefronts of boutiques and galleries and the aforementioned eateries, and noticed a few I'd like to check out.  I heard numerous street musicians and was around lots of youthful energy, including three young women with "Asheville street style" garb and bunny ears on their heads who were running around with cameras snapping photos of passersby and skipping up and down the sidewalks with great abandon.  It really was fun, a nice way to spend an hour, and I'm looking forward to doing it again next time I have a free Saturday afternoon with no need to fix food for a potluck supper (lots of those coming up) or any other obligations.  And hopefully next time I'll bring a friend along for the ride, which I think would make things even more fun.   :)
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