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Just stuff...

I liked this one enough to share (thanks to offspeed for the idea):

Your rainbow is shaded white and violet.


What is says about you: You are a contemplative person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. People depend on you to make them feel secure. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

The ankle is going to be fine. Saw one of our docs this evening, and the latest round of pain/swelling is most likely due to my favoring the leg so much recently. More Tylenol, ibuprofen, ice, yada yada yada.

I hope at least some of you got to see the celestial display yesterday evening...as in the crescent moon buddying up to Venus and Jupiter. It was totally cloudy here so I was deprived (had been looking forward to it for weeks), but I saw plenty of pictures on line, and tonight I saw the "next day" version, which was gorgeous. Interesting trivia: From Australia it resembled a smiley face in the sky. Cute! :D
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misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc

Various and sundry stuff

Just passing through.  I'm still alive, if a bit sore.  The leg pain came back with a vengeance at 5:30 this morning and the ibuprofen tore up my stomach, so I called in sick to work and simultaneously made an appointment to be seen.  Long story short, the doctor thought that the bug bite I had last week got infected, so now I'm on antibiotics for a week.  After picking those up at the pharmacy I came home and choked down some sick tummy soup, then rested for a couple of hours with my leg propped on pillows until my hunger got the best of me.  I'll be heading back to the bedroom for more leg propping momentarily.  It's still hurting off and on -- the doctor said that would start to resolve after a day or so.  I do plan to go to work tomorrow, although I probably won't be at my best, but I have too much to do to stay home for two days with nothing more than a sore leg and some queasiness.  I felt guilty enough for staying home today, actually.

Big congratulations to Pedey for winning AL MVP!  The awards just keep pouring in for him, don't they?  :D

It's awfully cold here...I don't think it broke freezing today, and the wind chill is in the teens right now.  Good day to spend indoors.

Not much else to report except that I didn't realize what a total LJ addict I am until I had to do without today during the site maintenance.  I really felt lost for those few hours.  /pathetic

Time to go ice the leg and watch some CNN or music videos or something.  Hope everyone had a good day!

misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc

So where was I?

Geez, I wish I had more time to actually write meaningful entries, but it's been one of those weeks, so I've had to wait this long.

So things weren't as horrible at work this week as I had expected.  I'm settling into the new set of demands that have been placed on me by The Queen Of Mean.  Long story short, I'm being singled out for negative special treatment because of accusations directed towards me by coworkers.  I learned via a heart to heart with someone in my work group that this likely is coming from ONE coworker, someone in my immediate work group with whom I had a big falling out a couple of months ago because she lied to me about something job related.  The accusations are very much unfounded, but she has the ear of our supervisor, whose response to my very lengthy rebuttal last week was a smirky smile and, "So...what are YOU going to change?"  Once The Queen is convinced that something is so, there's no amount of explaining that will change her mind.  So for now I'm in the hot seat and having to basically not interact with my work group unless absolutely necessary (because it's "disturbing to their productivity") and even avoid coughing too much with my asthma (for the same reason) and just be patient until my accuser retires, which apparently may be in a matter of weeks, and as far as I'm concerned that day can't come soon enough.  Meanwhile, things are a bit uncomfortable but I'm coping by just digging in and concentrating HARD on my job.  I was extra productive all week despite progressively worsening problems with my asthma.  I wasn't sure if it was a reaction to the recent extreme heat, or the work stress and the anxiety from that, or even my reluctance to cough given the garbage from my supervisor...but it got bad enough that I called my allergist's office yesterday to see if those good folks had any ideas, and they worked me in first thing this morning.  Apparently I'm right on the edge of getting pneumonia.  Having landed in the hospital with the same a few months ago, I gladly agreed to some big gun antibiotics.  They unfortunately hit me like a ton of bricks about an hour after my first dose, and I ended up coming home from work by midafternoon and sleeping for a couple-three hours.  Got up just in time for the game, which I now wish I had skipped, as things didn't go our way at all.  I multitasked my way through the game as usual, and have been procrastinating about going to bed, but that's where I'm headed in a few.  I'm really fatigued, no surprise there between getting up super early for that doctor's appointment and being sick, although my lungs feel okay at this point.

Other random stuff: I feel really badly for the good people of Iowa who are dealing with those floods.  And what a shocker about Tim Russert.  Great journalist, and may he rest in peace.

That's really all from here.  I have a lot to do this weekend in between baseball games (on TV three days in a row, definitely something to look forward to).  Guess I'll have a bedtime snack and toddle off to dreamland.  Ciao y'all.

misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc


I'm not at my best tonight, y'all.  One of my coworkers was out sick yesterday, I don't know with what, but I have to wonder if it was a stomach bug.  Those of you who were hanging out at Texy's during last night's game probably saw my mention of suddenly not feeling well.  I did get my stomach back eventually, sort of, enough for chicken noodle soup and later ice cream, but I've REALLY had to baby it today...oatmeal, Carnation Instant Breakfast, etc.  Oh goody.  This is not the way to put on weight (which I desperately need to do).  Anyway, I just wanted to get that complaint off my chest before the gameday thread appears, as it seemed that my mention of it last night was offensive to another (non-LJ) poster.

My only other complaint is that it's too damn hot here in NC.  I don't do well with summer heat, in large part due to MS-related heat intolerance.  Once it hits the low 80s I'm uncomfortable, and it if's humid on top of that?  Ugh.  My humble abode holds heat just like a trailer (and I don't have A/C).  Fortunately, it's starting to cool down now, and I just opened all the windows and put the window fan on "reverse" to pull that cool air into the kitchen.  Much better!

During last night's thread the subject of Red Sox birthdays came up (probably because it was Manny's big day).  I found myself looking at the 40-man roster and being quite amazed at how many of our guys were born in November.  It's a good thing that's during the offseason, as a birthday party of this magnitude would give the team a week-long hangover.

Coco: 11/1/79

Schilling: 11/14/66

Hansen: 11/15/83

Lugo: 11/16/75

Papi: 11/18/75

Bailey: 11/19/78

Drew: 11/20/75

Papelbon: 11/23/80

Van Every: 11/27/79

So...that's nearly 1/4 of the roster.  I just find that rather interesting.  Anyway, back to the game.  Hoping for #500 tonight, and a slightly shorter game as well.  I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow afternoon so will be joining the festivities late.

misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc

Must. Get. Sleep.

These 10:10 starts are killing me, y'all!  I'm really glad that after this week there are only two other late games for the remainder of the regular season (in July, once again against the Mariners).  I thought that yanking myself away from last night's proceedings in time to get 7 hours of sleep would be sufficient, but unfortunately I woke up a bit early thanks to the bright lovely morning that we had here.  So I *may* have had 6-1/2 hours, and that's after totally trashing my sleep hygiene during the three-day weekend because I could sleep in and because of the other late games.  So I was a hurting puppy today, and I'm going to be sane and sensible tonight (at least that's the current plan, LOL).  I hope to make it once through the batting order.  Our bats need to awaken early so I can fall asleep smiling.

Also related to Sox games, I did a search over the weekend to see if any of their games against the White Sox would be televised here this season, seeing as how my cable package includes WGN Superstation.  YES!  Two of them!  Unless The Powers That Be decide to televise more games nationally or regionally, that brings the number of Sox games that I get to watch during the remainder of the regular season to 13.  Doesn't sound like much to you NESNers, but it's better than nothing.  If only we were playing the Braves or Cubs in interleague this season...I would probably be able to watch every single game.  Well...there's always next season.

In unrelated news, while driving to work this morning after a blessed three whole days away from the pressure cooker, it occurred to me that I should manufacture a four-day weekend for myself in July, as the 4th is on a Friday.  So I put in my request, and as far as I know, the answer is yes.  Now I have something to look forward to.  It'll be awhile before I have the funds or the accrued "paid time off" to take a full length vacation, the latter thanks to using three weeks of PTO since last August (neck surgery, then pneumonia).  I accrue about one day every two weeks, but frequent medical appointments keep me from building the fund back up to where I'd like it to be.  So for now I'm just trying to piece together a long weekend here and there to help maintain some semblance of sanity.

Back to Sox stuff...I decided that this (casual) Friday I'm going to wear my Manny shirt in honor of his birthday.  :-)

I can't really think of much else to discuss at the moment.  Game starts in 1/2 hour.  Will see some of you over at Texy's, I'm sure, however briefly.  GO SOX!
misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc

Music soothes the savage beast

I originally was going to write about "baseball and me," but that was many hours ago, before getting home from work later than usual after a day that was part frantic and part "it's Friday afternoon so we're all gonna goof off," before the game was rained out, before I fixed dinner way too late, before I spent the evening sorting through my AOL mail and replying to replies about my replies (LOL) here on LJ.  And now it's 1:30 in the morning and I really need to go to bed soon because I have lots to do tomorrow before the game (on TV, yeah!), to be followed by a hastily scheduled second game that won't be on TV.  So anyway, I wanted to write about SOMETHING and was inspired by what I've been listening to all night, that being the party shuffle generated by the I-Tunes on my computer.

Fun, fun, fun.  I-Tunes was a new concept to me when I got the computer a few months ago.  My brother in law explained it to me, and now most of my CDs, at least those that I still listen to, are available at the click of a mouse.  I find myself amazed at how broad my musical taste really is (especially considering that the entire scope of my musical appreciation until I was about 20 consisted of classical, jazz, and a smattering of top popular hits).  A lot of this stuff I sing along with, having strayed far, VERY far, from the uptight classical stylings that I learned as a vocal music education major.  My voice professors would NOT be pleased with me!

Anyway, I have my Party Shuffle set to play only the stuff I marked with 4 or 5 stars.  So here's what's coming up next:

1.  Farther Along - Sam Cooke.  Vintage 1950s black gospel/soul...wild caterwauling of religious standards that knocks my socks off every time I hear it.

2.  The Promise - Tracy Chapman.  One of the most beautiful, heartrendingly poignant songs I've ever heard.  The most played song on my I-Tunes program.  It hits me in a very deep place, and almost without fail, when I sing along with it I am brought to tears.  Maybe I'll try to write about the reason why sometime, but not right now.

3.  Sobale El Pelo - Luny Tunes/Baby Ranks featuring Tony Dize.  Reggaeton is a recent find for me.  I love this stuff, even though I can only pick out a few words here and there.  This is from the Luny Tunes compilation Mas Flow 2.

4.  Dust - Van Hunt.  The big hit single from an R&B album that came out a few years ago.  In some of his songs he pretty much channels Prince and Curtis Mayfield and some of the other classic R&B/soul artists.  This song has a newer and more "original" feel to it.  Very catchy.

5.  River of Gold - Donna the Buffalo.  DTB is a roots-rock indie band that formed in central NY in the late 1980s.  They all played traditional Appalachian stringband music and went electric and built on their roots and the sky was the limit.  They're still playing, albeit with only two of the original members left.  I knew all of the founding members back in the day because I also was immersed in the stringband community for many years.  A groovy bunch of folks, both in the hippie sense and in the danceable sense.  This is from one of their early CDs.

6.  Light Enough To Find My Way - Jones and Leva.  From the same music community that gave birth to Donna the Buffalo came this husband and wife duo who stayed much closer to their traditional roots, combining great songwriting and singing with stellar chops on fiddle and guitar.  The female half of the duo, Carol Elizabeth Jones (who once told me "if your name was Carol Jones you'd use your middle name too") is one of my favorite Appalachian singers.  The music was new but sounded old.  Beautiful stuff, and fortunately their several CDs outlived their marriage (ouch).  This is the title cut of one of the CDs.

So yeah...that's just a sampling.  At this point I'm most likely to listen to R&B, neosoul, Spanish urban, and stuff that is derived from Appalachian and/or folk and/or traditional country and could be described as traditional, neotraditional, alt.folk, alt.country, or a few other things.  Natalie Merchant, Gillian Welch, Nanci Griffith and Patty Griffin are particular favorites of mine.  I love Raphael Saadiq (formerly of both Lucy Pearl and Tony Toni Tone).  His vocal range matches mine almost exactly.

And with that, I'm going to spoon up the ice cream, cue up Tracy Chapman, and have a blissful experience, the better to have sweet dreams of...baseball players, most likely.  I'm definitely getting punchy here so will call it a night!
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