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Fiddle Is My Refuge and My Strength

And remember to always be yourself, because everyone else is already taken

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Born and raised on Long Island, now living in North Carolina with a lengthy stop in Ithaca, NY along the way, where I obtained two music education degrees, instead ending up working in the medical records field.

I love old-time music and have played the fiddle for many years off and on...mostly off since the mid-1990s due to real-life things that required my attention. As of this writing (April 2010) I have just picked up my fiddle after a several-year hiatus. Although I may never make it back to playing for dances or making the rounds of the festival circuit, I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my music buddies.

I also love baseball. I followed it to a point while growing up, then forgot about it during my years in central New York, much of which was before cable TV, never mind the Internet and 24/7 media coverage. After moving to North Carolina, I started following the Braves, then the Yankees (my original hometown team), and then, in 2007, my interest in the game EXPLODED, and soon thereafter I fell in love with the Red Sox and haven't looked back. Yes, I know it's utterly bizarre to jump the fence like that, but I don't care. I also picked up the Giants as my NL team during the 2010 playoffs so am following them as well. I also have developed soft spots for various players around the league for any number of reasons, so I keep an eye on them and sometimes post about them in my LJ. One more thing about me and baseball: JUST BECAUSE I FOLLOW CERTAIN TEAMS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I HATE YOUR TEAM! That's just how I am. I never bought into the hateful side of sports rivalries, and I'm not about to start now. So whatever team you pull for, it's fine with me.

Other things you should know about me:

* I'm very, very liberal on all the social issues. I also have a strong interest in multiculturalism/diversity issues and a thorough dislike of bigotry.

* I have multiple sclerosis as well as several other chronic health issues, so taking care of my health is a priority for me.

* I'm single, childfree, and agnostic.