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Notes on a snowy night...

A minor downer this morning: Yesterday I made plans with my friend at work who just got back from three weeks in Colombia and wanted to share some real authentic Colombian coffee with me.  She asked me to bring in my 5-cup coffeemaker, filters, and half and half for this purpose.  I did so yesterday, and she was going to have the coffee waiting for me when I got there this morning.  I was really looking forward to it -- I *love* good coffee -- and I deliberately didn't have any coffee at home (much as I love the stuff, my tolerance for it is limited).  I got to work and the coffeemaker was still in the box on my desk.  Turned out that she had forgotten to bring it.  I wasn't mad...I know she's got a lot of other things to deal with, but unfortunately this meant I had to drink the nasty yucky coffee from the main coffeemaker at the office.  Bleargh.  I was desperate so I drank it.  With lots of half and half and even some sugar.  It was still nasty.

On the bright side, I now have a little baseball display on the bookcase in my hallway.  I brought my Albert figurine and my Red Sox Dipping Dots hat home from the office, where they had been decorating my cubicle for months, and set them up along with my brand spanking new Timmy figurine.  They look so pretty...    :D
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Yay and mehh

On the YAY front, I was pleasantly surprised that MLBN gave us non-NESNers a really lengthy "live look-in" at the Red Sox this evening.  I forget how many innings, as I was multitasking so was only intermittently paying attention, but it was unexpected and very nice.  The win made it even better...

My Big Guy is sitting on 399 HR and is also now in the top 50 HR hitters of all time.  Nice work, Albert!  Now if you had just tripled in your final at-bat tonight, you would've had a cycle...but you can't have everything, I guess!

Okay, on the MEHH front, I am regretting that I ever signed up for the Secret Pal thing at work.  It involves giving presents to a designated person who doesn't know who is buying them.  Participants filled out sheets listing our likes and dislikes, and the Staff Satisfaction Team matched us up.  I barely know my assigned person.  She seems nice enough but she's kind of hard to buy for, as her wish list contains a lot of things that are so out of my realm of experience that it's ridiculous.  I mean, glass roses and glass angels?  I haven't even had much luck finding stuff on line, at least not anything I can afford to buy.  I did get her a coffee mug with an "angel and roses" design, and am going to try to find earrings with roses or angels, but in general I'm finding it a big challenge to buy for her.  And here's the part that I'm really not happy about: Those of us who signed up were originally told that we would do this for a few months at most.  Today we were told that this is going to last for a YEAR!  I'm trying to give her something every couple-three weeks.  Half the time it's chocolate, but I need to get real presents in between...and a year is long enough that I'm going to run out of ideas.  Plus this is getting really expensive.  I'm not happy about this at all.   :(

Okay, enough complaining.  I need to get some sleep here.  Will try to catch you good folks up on all my news sometime soon (although those of you who have friended me on FB already have seen plenty of updates anyway).
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I hate weekday afternoon games...

There's only so much following of games that can be done from work...the occasional peek at Gameday in between tasks, that's about it.  I do know that things did not go well for the Sox yesterday, however.  And I do know that Albert is ridiculous, having now gone yard in three of his last four at-bats.  This season should easily put him in the top 50 of the all-time home run list.  At 30 years old.

Other than that?  I really need to make myself go to bed earlier.  I did manage to get myself to bed in time for 7 hours of sleep last night, but I'm still really dragging today.  And having eaten quesadillas for dinner last night, and with a drug rep bringing Mexican food for lunch in about an hour (where did my antacids go, anyway?), it's probably not a good idea for me to drink more coffee, LOL.

We're having great weather here, sunny and in the 70s.  I hope that trend holds so I can get out and do some walking this weekend.
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The morning after the wildness before...

I was trying to multitask during last night's Cardinals-Brewers game, which was nationally televised, so I'll be the first to admit that I missed much of the action.  I did, however, manage to catch plenty of the fireworks along the way.  Much to my delight, It was a two-homer night for Albert, and the second one came in the top of the ninth when he and Matt Holliday went back to back to tie the game.  Unfortunately...the Brewers promptly walked off with a homer of their own.   :(

The game and my failure at self-discipline (as I attempted to make a dent in my pile of e-mails) caused me to stay up until midnight.  That 6:30 alarm came way, way too early, but I'm propping my eyelids open with toothpicks and will press on regardless.  I will try very hard to be sensible tonight.

Have a great day, y'all!

ETA: I hope some of you got to see Albert's second HR.  Total no-doubter the moment it left the bat.  Just beautiful!

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Driveby bedtime post...

Last night's game = so good, so good, so good!  But I'm so tired, so tired, so tired as a result of staying up for the whole thing (well, I fell sound asleep after Pap recorded his first two outs) that I'm headed to bed as soon as I post this.

My guys over in the NL started their season off in style as well.  How 'bout that Albert...4 for 5 with 2 HR and 3 RBI.  And Yadier Molina wasn't too shabby either with his grand slam.

On a more serious note, two things:

1.  I just learned that one of my New York cousins has been diagnosed with cancer of the appendix (per the pathology reports after a recent appendectomy).  This is an incredibly rare form of cancer, and even though his appendix was removed, there's a chance the cancer may have spread to his colon.  So any good vibes and healing thoughts that folks can send his way would be much appreciated.  His name is Michael, if that helps focus the effort.

2.  Also in need of positive energy: Those affected by the mine disaster in West Virginia.  Over the years, my travels through the central Appalachian coalfields have taught me that the people who live and work there have hard lives in the best of times.  Most everyone who isn't a miner is related to or knows someone who does, and when these tragedies occur (as they do all too often), the entire community is affected.  It hurts my heart to see this happen yet again.    :*(

I'm getting all emo now, so I'm out for the night.
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Baseball daddies and their little boys!  Credits go to the Boston Herald and St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  I think I'm gonna die of the cuteness.

ETA: I've really been enjoying checking out the Cardinals spring training pics and videos - Albert brought 9-year-old A.J. with him and the little fella is doing his thing with the big boys, and the media is having a great time documenting it.  There was a hilarious video of Albert pitching batting practice to A.J., who was making contact every. single. time. One of those times narrowly missed nailing dear old Dad right where it hurts.  Hee hee...
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Albert has arrived in camp, and Albert is looking mighty fine, as evidenced by the link below.  I would have just uploaded a few of the best pics, but they're copyright protected so I can't right click and save, and I'm too lazy to do screencaps atm, so have a look for yourself.


Yeah, I'm too lazy to TinyURL the link, either, LOL.  It should be noted that it looks like he's teaching his son A.J. well.  Future All-Star, circa 2030?

ETA: Okay, I was able to save one picture that goes with an article on the website, so I'll share it.  He looks So. Freakin'. Powerful.  Thanks to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

ETA x 2: In looking at the gallery, it occurred to me that it feels really wrong to see the steroid-disgraced Mark McGwire be the hitting instructor for one of the best hitters of all time.

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And popping in once again to say...

Congratulations to Albert and Deidre Pujols on the birth of their newest addition, Ezra.  Took them long enough to announce it -- he was born last Friday (2/5).  Thanks to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website for that nugget of information.

In other news, the snowstorm that shattered records in Dallas and parts of the Deep South made its way eastward and we caught the northern edge of it late this afternoon.  I think the roads didn't get pretreated this time around, probably because there were only a couple of inches in the forecast, but when those inches arrived, they came fast and hard, and the roads got very bad very fast.  I pretty much crawled the 3-1/2 miles home from work.  I even had to put the car in the lowest gear coming down the hill in my neighborhood -- I literally can't remember the last time I did that.  Now I'm sitting here reading the "snow blog" on the local newspaper's website and am amazed at the number of accidents being reported.  I'm glad I opted to put off grocery shopping until tomorrow...
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Hearty big 3-0 birthday wishes to...

Albert Pujols!  With that icon did you think it would be someone else?   ;D

Things have settled down around here.  Ruth seems to be doing fine, and word has it that Shelia is doing as well as could be expected.  The service is on Monday at a funeral home relatively near my office, so I'll be going to visitation, not sure about the funeral yet.

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This guy...

Yeah, Albert. HUGE congratulations to him on NL MVP, not that everyone didn't already know he would get it or anything! Way to go, Big Guy! That trophy display case must fill a very large room by now.

In case I don't get a chance to post tomorrow, a very happy birthday to payoffpitch!

Now for everything else that's going on. Collapse )

And....I didn't mean to write a book. That's what happens when I skip a few days. I'll have access to Mom's computer while I'm there, so will be checking LJ stuff and e-mail, and may even make a post along the way. G'night everybody.