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East Coast Lady is...

headachy and vaguely out of sorts for no apparent reason.  Haha...that sounds like a FB update.  Sorry 'bout that -- I live over there now.

Anyway, I suppose the rapidly shifting spring weather may be affecting me.  It was 82 and sunny just a couple of days ago, and today it's maybe 50? and cloudy.  I stayed up way too late looking at the Supermoon last night, slept too late this morning, which probably didn't help the headache situation.

I got a fair bit done around the house this weekend -- accomplished all my planned housework except for vacuuming and mopping the floors, which can wait a week.  I've been cooking a bit more lately -- last night it was a white chicken chili, and tonight it's an easy moussaka knockoff that I got from a heart-healthy cookbook. This could be really good or not really good, but I'm going to make it anyway.  I made an awesome omelet this morning for brunch, too -- red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, parsley, and Swiss cheese.  Om nom nom.

Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow -- I could have stood a three-day weekend just because.

And with that, I'm going to go cook dinner.

ETA: Is anyone else not getting LJ notifications in their e-mail?  Oh...never mind, there's an LJ news thingie in my in box about that.  Hope they fix it soon.

ETA x 2: New theme -- not really my favorite but the old one was making me crazy, and at least this one is green.  So for now I guess I'll use it.
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Just checking in to grin on paper about the successful trial by fire I had today.  I showed up at a small old-time music event right up the road from me, a couple-three hours of concerts by the guys I used to have a band with, a few other people, and a performance by a clogging team that is based in the area.  Well...I got out of my car and Travis, the banjo player from my old band, came rushing over and told me that his brother (who was supposed to fiddle with him) had to bag it at the last minute, and could I please help him out?  I tried mightily to beg off, didn't even have my fiddle with me, but he had one with him and asked me to just try.  You know what?  We always did play well together, that's why we had the band back in the day.  So even though I had struggled mightily when I was starting to play again a few months ago (and hadn't had time to play for awhile), we locked right in on each other and it all came back just like riding a bicycle.  Thank you, Travis!

We were joined on guitar by a woman named Cary who used to play in a different band with Travis, and that worked just fine too, as did our efforts at backing up the clogging team, even though I pretty much wore myself out trying to play fast enough for their dance routines.  I was sore and exhausted by the end of the hour or so I spent on stage but it was SO worth it.  And it was an easy audience, just assorted neighborhood folks, little kids, and people from the church where the event was, so I wasn't even nervous.  It was a huge confidence builder and kick in the pants and all that good stuff.  Next stop: Old-time music contest in two weekends, about 45 minutes away, although I'm just going to hang out and play tunes, not to get up on stage (at least I don't think I will...guess ya never know!).

Otherwise, things are status quo with me.  Y'all know where to find my daily minutiae, over on Facebook.  doG...I can't keep up over there.  But I'm loving it.  Closing in on 300 friends.  It makes me feel good to be able to connect with so many people.

Caught a little bit of tonight's ALCS game but was more focused on the NLCS game...I was really excited to see Lincecum vs. Halladay.  I enjoyed the heck out of the game and even was productive during it...I filled up a big garbage bag and part of a box with clothes to donate to Goodwill and the homeless shelter.  Still have a few items to try on and decide about, but I made a big dent in that project and I'm glad, because I had really been putting off getting to the next phase of my decluttering.
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Decluttering update of the week...

Notice how these decluttering posts are getting fewer and farther between?  That's because I'm so close to being done that I'm basically only working on it once a week now, which is good as I've got lots of other things to do.

Today I began by bringing a shitload of packing boxes (broken-down ones) in from the car, having picked them up from a recently moved person a few days ago.  My fiddle LPs fit perfectly into one of those boxes.  Next I took care of the last box of junk (mostly paper to sort through later) and a large plastic bag that contained, among other things, both of my college diplomas, my sorority pledge book, and a couple of large scrapbooks that were in rough condition but which I saved for their sentimental value.  So...not much actual decluttering there!  But at the end of it all, I loaded five boxes of stuff into the car for an upcoming recycling and Goodwill run.  And that was that.

All I've got left to do, really, is check the condition of my four boxes (!!!) of non-fiddle vinyls and see what, if any, I plan to keep.  Oh yeah, and there's a shelf high in my kitchen pantry that has gift wrap and stuff like that.  I think that's it for stuff to sort through.

I do need to clean up several musical instruments and decide whether to keep them.  I also need to figure out what I'm going to do with several pieces of old family furniture that are not in the best condition.  More like...I need to ask my sister how she feels about me putting our great-grandmother's old rocking chair up to the curb.  It used to be really cute but needs to be reupholstered, have new springs put in, and be glued back together, but it probably isn't worth the money, even though at one point I thought about having it done.  I also don't see the need to keep two colonial style endtables that aren't my style and aren't very useful in terms of storage.  I doubt that Goodwill would do anything other than trash them because they're in serious need of refinishing, so if my sister doesn't mind letting those leave the family, I'd like to post them on Craiglist as a giveaway to someone who would fix them up and give them a good home.  All of the above will wait until another day, though.  I wore myself out with today's efforts and got a sore back in the process.

As for my boys, good work this afternoon!  Except for RamRam (WTF was that mess?), and poor Papi who can't buy a hit.  But a W is a W so I'll take it.  And I'm glad to hear that Jacoby's x-rays came back negative.  I was making do with Gameday, as is my habit atm, and all I saw was "injury delay," and when the folks on the gameday thread told me what happened it sure didn't sound good.  I'm sort of glad I didn't actually see it as it happened.  Hopefully he'll be back in the lineup soon.

ETA: Cardinals on Sunday Night Baseball?  Awesomesauce!

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Various and sundry stuff...

I had a fairly fruitful day in the "tail end of the decluttering" department.  I quickly disposed of one of the three (not two as I had thought) remaining boxes, which were filled with old car-related items.  I then tackled the two-shelf bookcase, which sadly turned out to be fit for the curbside once I took a good look at it, as the top shelf is totally sagging, and the vertical supports underneath are unglued as well.  Glue it back together, you say?  Well...I'm not sure it's even worth it.  I believe it was a family hand-me-down, possibly from my grandmother.  I'm going to get my mom over here to look at it and see if she remembers and knows if it's of any value...I guess that'll determine what I do with it.  As it stands now, though, it's been cleared of a pile of magazines that were on the top shelf (I only kept the ones related to old-time music).  I also took a quick look at the old-time fiddle LPs on the bottom shelf.  They appear to be intact (as in unwarped), so I'm going to box them up and deal with disposing of any unwanted ones later.  I suspect that I'll keep most of them, though.  All kinds of great ethnomusicology wrapped up in those discs.

Speaking of fiddle, I thought I'd introduce you to one of the grand old men of the genre, Tommy Jarrell, who was from the Mount Airy, North Carolina neck of the woods, about three hours from where I live now.  There is so much to say about Tommy that I wouldn't even know where to start, so here's the short version:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_Jarrell    


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 And...one last thing: PLAY BALL!!!

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Happy spring equinox!

I'm back from my unintended mini-hiatus.  This past week I was pretty focused on work and getting adequate sleep and I didn't have much to say, at least not anything I could put into words, thus the reason for my silence.

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I just closed all the windows after giving the house a good airing out.  It's evening for real, which means it's time to cook dinner, so that's all for now.
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Good work!

Well, I'm pretty happy with myself.  I know I haven't posted about decluttering stuff in ages, and that's because I've been doing very little on that front.  Lately there are plenty of other things occupying my free time.  Today, however, I buckled down and started packing up my junk papers, because once I get those neatly boxed up (to deal with after I move) I can get to the last major task on my decluttering list, which is to declutter a smallish bookcase that's been buried behind clutter for years.  I still have two boxes of miscellaneous junk to sort through as well.  But they're at the bottom of the pile of boxes, so first I have to be able to get to them!  Anyway, it took a good chunk of the afternoon, but I got about halfway done and filled up three copier paper sized boxes, then sealed and labeled them.  My back is quite sore now, but it was totally worth it, and I should be able to box up the rest of the papers next weekend. 

Home stretch, y'all!!!
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The bedroom is totally ready to be packed up and moved!  Well, eventually I *will* need to decide which of my baseball boyfriend pictures on the wall will actually make the move -- some of them I don't actually like very much and they're only taped up there to hide the fact that the paneling is caved in.  But other than that, it's all done.

When I cleared out the floor of my closet today I ended up only having three pairs of usable shoes other than the ones I wear every day.  I've never been much into shoes anyway -- I'm hard to fit because my feet are very narrow with a high arch and most shoes just fall off my heels.  More recently, there's been the issue of back pain if I don't wear shoes with JUST the right amount of support -- and forget "sex me" shoes and things like that.  Gotta go with sensible instead of fashionable, unfortunately.  But still, I'll probably be looking to update my shoe wardrobe once I can afford to do so.

Other than that, it was mostly a day for kitchen stuff.  Made a big batch of home fries earlier, and right now I'm boiling water for pasta.  Guess I'll have it with canned salmon for dinner.

The driveway has been mostly shoveled, thanks to my neighbor, and the sun helped melt some of what wasn't shoveled.  I turned my car around today, backing into the carport so I can get a running start up the hill to the street tomorrow morning.  Only worry there is that the melted snow may turn into a sheet of ice tonight...
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I repeat, I say...I repeat!

How in the world did we EVER manage before there were microwaves?  LOL...at least I'm being forced to get creative in the kitchen, no small accomplishment considering that I hate to cook and haven't done much of it in a long time.  Since the latest "death of microwave" episode began (and I have a feeling that it has really bitten the dust this time) I've thrown together at least one combination that I had never thought of before (pasta with canned salmon -- VERY yummy), and today I made chicken salad with the scrap pieces from the rotisserie chicken that I cut up the other night (again, very yummy).  I found a couple of cans of minced clams in the pantry and am going to make white clam sauce in a few days, as I've always loved the stuff but haven't made it in forever.

Today's decluttering efforts centered on my nightstand, which has a little built-in bookcase.  All the books have been dusted and boxed up, the nightstand has been polished, and I vacuumed the heck out of that section of the bedroom after kicking up all that dust!  If all goes well, tomorrow I'll put the finishing touches on getting the bedroom ready to pack up, and I'm pretty excited about that.  I would like to have had the chance to do my laundry this weekend, but I'll be lucky to even get up the driveway to go to work on Monday (about 7 inches at my house, with about 1/2 inch of ice on top), so the mountain of clothes, sheets and towels will remain in the corner of my bedroom until next weekend, and I'm NOT so excited about that...

Finally, it's been awhile since I've made a gratuitous music post, and this one goes out to a certain person on my f-list -- YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  This is called "Hop High My Lulu GIrl," and the guy in the picture (Dirk Powell) is playing the banjo on this cut, with Jim Miller, one of my very favorite old-time singers, doing the honors on the vocals.  Jim has a PhD in entomology and worked at the Museum of Natural History in NYC before touring with indie roots-rock band Donna The Buffalo for a bunch of years.  He returned to his original career a few years ago and last I knew was a university professor.  As for Dirk, I could write a book but instead I'll just say that he's simply one of the most talented people I've ever met.


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Does anyone out there know the shelf life of insect repellent and sunblock?  I just cleaned out the cabinet underneath my bathroom sink and found a couple of bottles of each -- but the last time I really had need of them was in the summer of 2007 at my family reunion.  There's no expiration date on any of them so I have no clue if I should keep them or not.

And, BTW, my bathroom is now officially ready to pack up!