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With respect to Amendment One...

I've already posted something on Facebook about Amendment One because I'm incredibly pissed about it, but this one thing I have to post here instead.  I have a fundamentalist coworker who friended me sometime back -- if it weren't for the fact that she works right down the hall and I have to see her every day and have several other coworkers on my list, I would never have friended her, and I sort of wish I hadn't because I get sick and tired of her "God this" and "God that" posts.  But I digress...she got married a few weeks ago, in a very traditional ceremony with a non-alcoholic and "no dancing allowed" reception, and I find it just incredibly distasteful that she chose TONIGHT, just a couple of hours after the amendment passed (and this after she posted a status update yesterday urging everyone to do the "Christian thing" and vote for marriage to be between one man and one woman because that's what God wants)...to post her damn wedding pics.  Just really deliberately nasty shitty timing, fundie bitch.

Yeah, I went and said it.  Because I can't say it on Facebook.  So there.
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A jumble of stuff as I think of it...

Oh LJ, how I have neglected you!  I am so sorry, but it really seems that a lot of my daily stuff gets pushed over to FB, which I guess is the case for a lot of my friends list anymore.  Between that and trying to keep up with two teams in this young season, and oh yes, the lovely spring weather, so enticing and pretty much demanding that I go out and walk in it...I just haven't been here except to make drive-by posts on other people's journals.

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Golly, isn't that the truth...

See my icon.  I've been at work for an hour and have gotten nothing done so far, at least nothing work related.  Spent a chunk of time talking to my coworker about animal rescue, having had a fire lit under my belly this week due to a horrendous abuse case I read about on Facebook (I'm thinking of getting involved in the cause in some small way, maybe walking dogs at shelters or something like that).  Have been e-mailing back and forth with Margarita about nothing in particular.  I suppose I should get something done here, but first I'd like to send out a plea for good vibes for my old friend Doug from high school, who is "currently in the hospital hoping for a lung transplant," per something that was posted on his FB wall this morning by someone other than Doug.  This worries me for one major reason: Doug has said that when the call came, he would let us know himself.  Either the call came in such a hurry that he didn't have time, or he got so sick that they put him in the hospital to try to keep him going until a donor comes in.  He's at the top of the list, so I've got all crossables crossed.

Okay, time to do something to actually earn my paycheck.  Hope all is well with my LJ friends.
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I wish I could think of something to write about that I haven't already covered in my Facebook posts.  I just don't have all that much to say lately, it seems.  Maybe it's because being on FB has *finally* taught me how to be concise.

Maybe I should ask you guys to ask me questions so I can answer them, I dunno.  I have total writer's block.
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LOLing at myself

In the course of a back-and-forth thread on an old classmate's FB page, one where he was joking about taking dog clippers to his beard, I made a crack about him being a hairy beast.  When he woofed back at me, I told him what I most remembered about him from school was his really nice hair (I mean, it was long and feathery and gorgeous, although I didn't use that word).  He cyber-blushed and stammered and thanked me...and then I told him it was true confessions time, that I had had a crush on him in 10th grade when he first arrived at our school.  It'll be interesting to see how he responds to *that*.  He's got nothing to worry about, of course...that was a VERY long time ago.  But I couldn't resist telling him that.  As I said at the end of my little confession, "only 37 years after the fact.  Isn't FB wonderful?"

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GORGEOUS day here in the mountains, sunny and in the 60s.  I'm thinking of heading over to the pasture in awhile.  Hopefully I can *finally* feed apples to the cows.  Now that it's dark when I leave work it's impossible to do that during the week, and they haven't been hanging around the last couple-three weekends, probably because it's been cold.

I can't think of a whole heck of a lot to talk about right now, which explains why I haven't been updating.  I spend a LOT of time on Facebook and just as much time fangirling over Tim Lincecum.  Have made some new connections on Facebook that way and am having fun with that.  I have an obscene number of pictures of Tim on my computer and made a screensaver gallery awhile back.  Uhh...Julio who?   LOL.

I'm bored as hell at work right now.  The days drag by.  Maybe it's just because I'd rather be playing on line, maybe it's because of the change of season.  I have no idea.

I do know *this* -- I have spent way too much money on clothes this year, more than I've probably spent in the last several years combined.  I suppose this is because I completely redid my wardrobe top to bottom, but when I got my latest "rewards card" update from my favorite store, I about died.  Only $83 more to reach the rewards level that one gets for spending $1000?  Yikes.  And that doesn't include shoes or jewelry.  I'm really, really bad, you guys.  And I just bought an earring/necklace/bracelet set from my friend at work who makes fabulous jewelry -- "only" $58, but I really shouldn't have spent the money, but it was so beautiful that I couldn't NOT, you know?

Okay, enough incoherent rambling.  I really need to get some non-computer stuff accomplished today, so that's it for now.  Hope all is well with my friends list.   ♥
music fiddle


Just checking in to grin on paper about the successful trial by fire I had today.  I showed up at a small old-time music event right up the road from me, a couple-three hours of concerts by the guys I used to have a band with, a few other people, and a performance by a clogging team that is based in the area.  Well...I got out of my car and Travis, the banjo player from my old band, came rushing over and told me that his brother (who was supposed to fiddle with him) had to bag it at the last minute, and could I please help him out?  I tried mightily to beg off, didn't even have my fiddle with me, but he had one with him and asked me to just try.  You know what?  We always did play well together, that's why we had the band back in the day.  So even though I had struggled mightily when I was starting to play again a few months ago (and hadn't had time to play for awhile), we locked right in on each other and it all came back just like riding a bicycle.  Thank you, Travis!

We were joined on guitar by a woman named Cary who used to play in a different band with Travis, and that worked just fine too, as did our efforts at backing up the clogging team, even though I pretty much wore myself out trying to play fast enough for their dance routines.  I was sore and exhausted by the end of the hour or so I spent on stage but it was SO worth it.  And it was an easy audience, just assorted neighborhood folks, little kids, and people from the church where the event was, so I wasn't even nervous.  It was a huge confidence builder and kick in the pants and all that good stuff.  Next stop: Old-time music contest in two weekends, about 45 minutes away, although I'm just going to hang out and play tunes, not to get up on stage (at least I don't think I will...guess ya never know!).

Otherwise, things are status quo with me.  Y'all know where to find my daily minutiae, over on Facebook.  doG...I can't keep up over there.  But I'm loving it.  Closing in on 300 friends.  It makes me feel good to be able to connect with so many people.

Caught a little bit of tonight's ALCS game but was more focused on the NLCS game...I was really excited to see Lincecum vs. Halladay.  I enjoyed the heck out of the game and even was productive during it...I filled up a big garbage bag and part of a box with clothes to donate to Goodwill and the homeless shelter.  Still have a few items to try on and decide about, but I made a big dent in that project and I'm glad, because I had really been putting off getting to the next phase of my decluttering.
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I hate when I get neurotic like this...

I know how many friends I had on Facebook as of this morning...266.  I got an unexpected pleasant surprise later in the day, in that I was friended by one of the movers and shakers of the famously glass-ceilinged Ithaca music scene.  Actually, a few of the folks at the top of Ithaca's glass ceiling have friended me, and I certainly feel honored by that, but I digress.  After I added that person back this evening, I happened to look at my profile page and my friends list numbered...266.  Which means that someone defriended me.  Of course, with that many people, many of whom are casual acquaintances from the music scene, it's hard to know WHO that was.  I did peruse my list briefly but couldn't figure it out, so I shrugged and went on.  I'm guessing that either it's someone I don't know well, or it'll come to light later when all of a sudden I miss someone.

The fact that someone defriended me bugs me, and I know that's neurotic, because it's just Facebook, for crying out loud.  But...I hate it.  And it still bugs me.   :(
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Oh, Papi...

Don't ever change!  I laughed pretty hard at this quote (from the Boston Globe) in the wake of last night's loss, regarding Bengie Molina's cycle: “Nothing is predictable in the game. Things just happen,’’ said David Ortiz, unable to prevent a guffaw. “I would put my head in a tree-trimmer betting that he won’t hit a triple."  OUCH, PAPI, OUCH!

In other news, my return to fiddling has thus far been awesome.  This week I went to the Wednesday night pub session downtown, fiddle in hand, and ended up playing.  Talk about trial by fire...it was in the key of G, which doesn't use open tunings and is therefore more difficult to play in, but I gritted my teeth and dug in.  There were a couple of times when my bow went on autopilot, so I know I'm making progress.  Later in the week I dug out an ancient tape of a key-of-G jam session that I participated in, and I practiced using that, which I think is a good way to get up to speed and rebuild my repertoire of tunes.

This afternoon I'm heading over to a local acoustic music shop to get new strings and rosin, and will probably buy a new case as well...my old one is so dreadfully funky inside and out, and it has long been plagued with bow hair mites as well.  They eat right through bow hair, necessitating frequent rehair jobs, which can get expensive.  I'll miss my collection of silly stickers on the old one, but it's time for an upgrade.

As for Facebook, I continue to be amazed.  Two weeks and I'm up to 160+ friends, most of them from the music scene.  I'm enjoying the hell out of getting myself up to speed on all the changes that have occurred in my absence.  Lots of new faces, lots of shifts in who plays music with who, lots of relocations, lots splits with partners/spouses and new relationships to familiarize myself with!

Off to get ready for the trip to the music shop.  Y'all be good!
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Life is good...

Yesterday as I drove home I noticed that all three calves were at the top of the pasture, grazing under the watchful eye of one of the grownups.  A few days prior they had fled when they saw me, but I decided it was time to try again with quieter shoes.  This time -- success!  The tan one and the brown one with the white face simply sat there and regarded me calmly.  The black one had its back turned and completely ignored me.  I stayed there for a little while and made quiet talk at them, and they didn't budge.  Guess they're getting used to me, which is good, because soon enough they'll grow up and stop being so impossibly adorable so I need to enjoy them while I can.

In other news, I've been spending inordinate amounts of time on Facebook.  Last night I got chatting with a friend who I went all the way through public school with.  I'm not used to chatting on line and the comments were pretty rapid fire, and at one point we were reminiscing at such a pace, and the stories were so funny, that I literally started laughing out loud...and couldn't stop.  My upstairs neighbor must have thought I was out of my mind, but it was totally worth it, even though I was wiping tears of laughter off my face for a good while afterwards.

The friend requests keep coming in at an amazing pace, especially from the old-time music scene.  I truly had no idea I was missed that much -- it's pretty heartwarming and makes me feel really good.  I've decided to slowly, in baby steps, work my way back into that community.  It was my life for a good 15 years, and there are so many wonderful people associated with that scene, so I think it's time.  With that in mind, I've made plans to go to an event that happens most Saturday evenings here during the summer -- it's called Shindig on the Green (yes, I know that sounds hokey).  It's held downtown outdoors (weather permitting) and is THE gathering spot for folks in the area who play traditional mountain music and/or bluegrass.  I already posted a status update alerting folks to be on the lookout for me, even though I'm just going to socialize and not attempt to play the fiddle at this point (I've got tennis elbow that needs to be fixed before I really try to get the rust off my bow arm).  It'll be great to see whoever is there.   :)