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A darned good day

Yes, there was more to my day than grocery shopping, but it's getting late so I'm just gonna write this quick and dirty.

Backstory: I have a friend on Facebook name of Steve, who actually graduated from my high school a few years ahead of me.  He's the oldest of a large family and I was familiar with several of the siblings; actually, one of his sisters was in my class, although we didn't cross paths much.  We friended each other because he was interested in buying property (vacation home, retirement home, whatever) in my part of North Carolina and needed the wise counsel of someone who lives locally.  We've been corresponding ever since, and he bought a bunch of acres with a two-story house on a mountainside about 45 minutes from here.  Due to some health issues, he has only made a couple of brief trips down here since he bought it last spring, and he needed to check up on the place so came down again for a few days, bringing one of his good friends, named Kevin, who happened to grow up across the street from me and who I remember well but hadn't seen in some 40 years, amazingly enough.  Long story short, we made plans to get together.

The synopsis of our delightful day: We met downtown and went to a coffeehouse/cafe for lunch, sat around a lot longer than we probably should have (thankfully it wasn't crowded so we weren't keeping people from tables), then walked all over downtown, spent some time in my favorite pub drinking beer, then walked around downtown some more.  By the time we finally parted ways, nearly six hours had elapsed.  I'm exhausted from socializing and walking around for that long, but it was a day well spent, with much laughter, much philosophizing, much sharing of personal stories, and much reminiscing about the old home town.  It was a great way to launch myself back into the social fray.

Now to see what comes next.   :)

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A jumble of stuff as I think of it...

Oh LJ, how I have neglected you!  I am so sorry, but it really seems that a lot of my daily stuff gets pushed over to FB, which I guess is the case for a lot of my friends list anymore.  Between that and trying to keep up with two teams in this young season, and oh yes, the lovely spring weather, so enticing and pretty much demanding that I go out and walk in it...I just haven't been here except to make drive-by posts on other people's journals.

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Dear LiveJournal folks...

I am not dead, I promise.

Life has been a whirlwind lately, not with anything in particular, just the usual work/sleep/eat/Facebook cycle, now with Spring Training added in (YAY YAY YAY!).  I also have been socializing a little bit more -- had Margarita and Chris over for a big eggplant parmigiana extravaganza last weekend (my first dinner party that I can recall, and quite successful, I think).  Today somewhere in the midst of my Saturday laziness I found myself on the patio that I share with my next-door neighbor, and he and his girlfriend and I ended up sitting around basking in the warmish sun for a good chunk of the afternoon while keeping an eye on his kids.  That was pretty fun -- we're in the initial stages of talking about doing a dinner.  I'm excited about getting the social ball rolling.  I'm still a little lacking in energy to do late-evening things such as attend shows (otherwise my list of social activities would be a bit longer...I would have liked to go hear some old friends last night who were playing at a club in town, for example, but work totally obliterated me this week, and the band didn't start until 9:00, and I knew my energy level wasn't going to tolerate starting my evening that late (yeah, I know, it doesn't sound particularly late, but after working all day, it is), so home I went.  Soon enough I'll be able to handle evenings out, but not just yet.

Work was absolutely over the top this past week.  Our computer system was down for two days, but patient care of course continued, with the doctors handwriting their notes...and I'm the one who gets to enter their chicken scratch into the charts.  We see probably around 150 patients per day, so the pile of papers that has accumulated on my desk was about big enough to have me in tears.  It was extremely slow going at first, not only because of the handwriting issues but also because most of the doctors took extremely thorough notes so there was a hell of a lot to enter into each note.  My pace was starting to pick up as of late yesterday afternoon, but still...this is going to take a couple of weeks, I think, especially considering that I'm also trying to keep up with my regular work as it comes in.  At least it's job security!
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Am I really doing this?

Big scary adventure for me here...such a small thing for most people, but something I really haven't done in forever.  I'm having people over for dinner next weekend -- M&C, who I've mentioned recently.  I've been meaning to have them over since last summer but time got away from me, and now time grows short because they're moving.

I'm scared because I am NOT used to entertaining and I'm so afraid that things will go wrong, although of course they'll be oh so forgiving because they're delightful people.  But still...

The main course will be my family heirloom eggplant parmigiana recipe.  M has already tasted a forkful when I brought some to work awhile back, and she pronounced it awesome.  And we'll have salad, of course.  They like both wine and beer, and I'm going to ask them to suggest the brand and please bring a corkscrew because I don't have one, as I almost never drink wine.  But what to do about appetizers?  I've got to keep it simple...the parmigiana will take hours as it is.  Suggestions, anyone?  I'll probably hit my mom up for suggestions too because she used to serve Italian feasts to company...

I know this is a step in the right direction for my social life, and it's something I really want to do, but maaaannnn, am I ever nervous already!

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Notes on a snowy night...

A minor downer this morning: Yesterday I made plans with my friend at work who just got back from three weeks in Colombia and wanted to share some real authentic Colombian coffee with me.  She asked me to bring in my 5-cup coffeemaker, filters, and half and half for this purpose.  I did so yesterday, and she was going to have the coffee waiting for me when I got there this morning.  I was really looking forward to it -- I *love* good coffee -- and I deliberately didn't have any coffee at home (much as I love the stuff, my tolerance for it is limited).  I got to work and the coffeemaker was still in the box on my desk.  Turned out that she had forgotten to bring it.  I wasn't mad...I know she's got a lot of other things to deal with, but unfortunately this meant I had to drink the nasty yucky coffee from the main coffeemaker at the office.  Bleargh.  I was desperate so I drank it.  With lots of half and half and even some sugar.  It was still nasty.

On the bright side, I now have a little baseball display on the bookcase in my hallway.  I brought my Albert figurine and my Red Sox Dipping Dots hat home from the office, where they had been decorating my cubicle for months, and set them up along with my brand spanking new Timmy figurine.  They look so pretty...    :D
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You know what makes me so sad?

So much of my friends list now consists of abandoned journals.  That's just so sad.  No wonder I never get any comments to my posts anymore.

I realize that a lot of folks have disappeared to Facebook (hell, that's where I spend *most* of my time too), or Twitter or Tumblr or who knows where else.  But...I miss the way things were when I first joined LJ.  There was so much sharing and so much to read and now...there's just not.  Again, it makes me so sad.    :*(

At least I can still journal for myself -- it's very valuable for me to have a record of what I'm up to, seeing as how it's physically difficult for me to actually write with a pen for very long because of MS-related muscle fatigue issues.

ETA: Oh yeah...new theme.  I figured summer's over so it's time to change colors.   :)
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Dare I say it?

I'm cautiously optimistic that our boys are FINALLY waking up!!!  I was tied up with various things yesterday evening, but with the game on MLBN, I was able to catch bits and pieces of it, and of course was pleasantly surprised.  Keep up the good work, guys...

While making last evening's pilgrimage to the cow pasture, a woman came walking up the road and we of course waved (as is the custom in this neighborhood) and started talking.  Turns out she lives in the other building in this complex, is single (like me!), from north of the Mason-Dixon line (like me!), a real talker with all kinds of interests (like me!)...and from the side of the pasture we wandered back to the complex and ended up at my place and gabbed for a couple of hours.  I didn't have dinner until 9:00 and didn't get much of anything done around here last night -- oh, other than making a new friend!   So it was certainly worth it.   :D

Onwards to a busy Friday in the cube farm.  I'll be glad when I can get back to "paradise," as my new friend calls it, and have a productive evening.

misc rainbow dream


I just dreamed that droves of ballplayers showed up for Spring Training with, uh...unique hairstyles, shall we say?  And one Julio Lugo, well, his hair looked normal for the first two inches up from his hairline, then it puffed out abruptly into a small Afro, and when it reached the back of his head it cascaded in microdreads halfway down his back, just like The One Who Shall Not Be Named.

I'm cracking up just thinking about it.

ETA: Thanks to [info]horsecrazyliza, I am now addicted to Nutella...I'm sitting here eating it on toast for breakfast.

ETA x 2: Too bad the 8-12 isn't supposed to start in earnest until this evening.  I could have used a three-day weekend...