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What a lovely cool rainy day it is here, so different from the summer-like weather that persisted all the way through September.  It's supposed to continue for a couple of days.  Flood watches and warnings around here, and as long as it doesn't get out of hand, I'm fine with that, because we desperately need this rain.  The entire state of North Carolina has been slowly slipping into drought status of late...

Since I'm not here on LJ every day, I'm sending out early birthday greetings to queen_dream and new_world_smurf -- hope both of you have the best celebrations ever!

As for my birthday, celebrating "my style" has barely started because I was so busy with my mom's move.  My responsibilities there are finally finished...thankfully so, as I had spent four weekends in a row at her place and had gotten behind on EVERYTHING.  My apartment is a mess, and you don't even want to know how many Facebook messages I need to reply to!

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Hey, so this week I learned something new related to the wonderful world of computers...why the hell had nobody ever told me about Alt codes?  I *finally* was clued in by my friend Margarita, who sent me a birthday message wishing me a Feliz Cumpleaños, and I asked her how one writes a tilde without a Spanish keyboard, and she told me.  This was all news to me, so I got on line and did some research, and now I can finally write about my cousin André and spell his name properly.  Yay!   ♥♥♥
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You say it's your birthday...

Happy Birthday to you, cherrycoloured -- hope it's a fun-filled one!

In other news, since I haven't posted in about a week...

1.  Am finally getting caught up at work now that they've taken an ill-advised new project away from my department.  Hope this doesn't give them any bright ideas!

2.  I've recently realized that my mom is going to need some major help with her upcoming move if she's to keep her sanity, so have decided to step up to the plate.  Today I'm getting started on some decluttering and cleaning up at my apartment in preparation for getting a bunch of her furniture in a couple of weeks.  I had planned to go to a music festival in Virginia that weekend but recently decided to instead spend that time helping her declutter and pack.  I may be doing some of that over Labor Day weekend as well.  I'll be glad when she's done moving so she can relax a bit -- she's been pretty frazzled with all that needs to be done.

3.  Haven't had ANY time to touch my fiddle for a few weeks now, but after the family stuff settles down, I plan to dive back in.  I'm listening to a lot of my old tapes to keep it in my ears.

4.  Sending kind thoughts and continued vibes to all those affected by Katrina five years ago today.

5.  Glenn Beck needs to DIAF.   :::glares:::

And...that's it for now.

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Today is...

It's a special day for the lovely piney61 -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

You all may or may not know that in 2007 when I was first turning into a Red Sox fan and couldn't get enough of searching the blogosphere for any available news on the team, I ran across Piney's journal and got hooked on the Red Sox picspams that she was posting at the time.  That was my first exposure to LJ, and after a few months I was moved to join LJ myself.  So, Piney, I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for that, and I hope you have an absolutely magnificent day, year, baseball season, etc.

And to everyone else a great day as well...

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Hearty big 3-0 birthday wishes to...

Albert Pujols!  With that icon did you think it would be someone else?   ;D

Things have settled down around here.  Ruth seems to be doing fine, and word has it that Shelia is doing as well as could be expected.  The service is on Monday at a funeral home relatively near my office, so I'll be going to visitation, not sure about the funeral yet.

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Birthdays and music, what more could you ask for?

Today is my last day of recuperation time. I think I'm FINALLY in good enough shape to go back to work, although I'll have to pace myself for awhile. Still...my "paid time off" fund will thank me, as will the folks at work who have been patiently waiting on the piles of work that haven't gotten done for...yikes. A long time.

I'm feeling pretty good today and chose to be lazy this morning. A little bit of snuggling with the pillows, a lot of lingering over coffee and a salsa and cheddar omelet. I've got Internet stuff to do today, as well as a couple of errands and some food prep for the week. I've got to go to bed ultra-early tonight because I have a early morning medical appointment and need to get up around 5:15. Yikes again!

I can't let the day without wishing a wonderful birthday to xhereonearthx -- what is it with all the November babies on my f-list, anyway?

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Off to my necessary errands. Later...
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If it's 11/27 it must be...

The birthday of the lovely instrumentality! You Canadians don't get Turkey Day this week, but a birthday is even better -- here's hoping it's the best one EVAH! My icon, of course, is sending British Columbian birthday wishes as well.

In other news, I head back to my place this afternoon. I feel better than I did yesterday. Baby steps. Only issue is that I slept wrong on my bad ankle (on the side that's not sprained) so it's really sore. Ibuprofen and Tylenol are my friend, as are the usual other measures. It'll be a quiet rest of the day so I can take care of that annoyance.

I hear the lunch bell ringing (well, not really, but...) so I'm outta here. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day!

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Short and sweet this time...

It's time for more HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes (what is it with these November babies, anyway?). This time around they go to[info]jennyagain and boston_princess -- here's hoping that both of you have fabulous days filled with your hearts' desires!

As for me, I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night but, for the moment at least, lying down for 9-1/2 hours seems to have rejuvenated me and shooed away the weakness I was feeling yesterday. So...I'm hopeful that I'll make it through a full work day and do my desperately needed grocery shopping this evening. It's all about the pacing, I guess.

Time for a breathing treatment, then it's full speed ahead towards the ginormous pile of work that awaits me...