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Being a good friend sometimes comes with a price tag...

Owww, I haz a hurt!

I helped my friend Kathleen move on Sunday -- she helped me last month, and she was in a bind when she called me Sunday morning, so of course I dropped everything and went over to her place, where I spent several hours bending, twisting, and lifting.  She told me to take it easy and even made me sit down and chill out for awhile, but good friend that I am, I was all gung ho about getting as much done as possible.

Oddly, I was just fine yesterday.  Today the delayed reaction hit me.  My back was somewhat sore this morning, but nothing that my daily dose of Tylenol and heating pad couldn't fix.  After lunch, though, it came back like it meant it, and I spent the afternoon trying to concentrate V-E-R-Y hard on my paperwork in an effort to distract myself, all the while continuing to tell myself that it was only three more hours, two more hours...then just ONE! hour until I could go home and get back on the heating pad.

Unfortunately, that wasn't enough.  It takes a hell of a lot of pain to make me break out my small stash of pain meds, but I took half of a Vicodin 5-500 a little while ago.  It must have kicked in because I feel pretty spaced out (I can't imagine why people take this stuff for fun -- I can't stand this particular brand of spaciness), but the pain isn't gone yet so I may take the other half shortly.  Looks like tonight won't involve achieving my stated goal of catching up on my LJ comments.  I was so close to clearing my in box, but I think bed is a better option for me right now.

Next time I *will* pace myself when I do heavy physical work, I promise.
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So happy.  So very, very happy.

This is the last day of my "staycation," and I'm slowing down a little bit from my recent frantic pace.  I haven't done anything so far today other than eat breakfast and read my f-list and start to catch up on e-mails.  Seeing as how it's noon already, I suppose I should, you know, maybe take a shower and get dressed?  After lunch I *do* need to run over to the motor vehicle department to get my license switched to my new address.  Other than that, I guess I'll be alternating unpacking with more Internet travels and a bit of baseball watching...just the kind of day I like, both productive and fun.

A couple of days before I moved I signed up as a member at Batanga.com, which is a fabulous (and totally free) website with live audiostreams of any Latin music style you can think of (and others that you can't).  Among the features is the ability to create your own radio station by adding music as it plays.  As far as I know, the playlist has to have a certain number of songs and artists before it's publicly accessible, but after just a few days I'm almost there, and I'll provide the link when I reach the magic number.

One not so pleasant side effect of moving is the number of bruises and bumps that I sustained while hauling boxes around.  I pretty much look like I got beaten up.  And unfortunately, last night while walking in the apartment I smacked a pinky toe against a piece of furniture.  I think it may be broken (I speak from past experience with broken pinky toes).  So I'm hobbling around and in some pain right now, but you know what?  I'm still so very happy.   :D

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I can't believe the Red Sox declined the option on Alex Gonzalez!  I had really taken a shine to the guy, and I thought he was doing a really nice job for us.   :::is all sadface:::

In other news, my ankle got REALLY sore after my last post; it was aching terribly (to the point of whimpering) even when I put no weight on it, which is a change from before.  I took a look at it and there's some redness and warmth.  There was a little bit of redness the day after I did it (the nurse practitioner commented on it), but the aching and warmth?  It reminded me of the way my "crankle" felt last year.  Now I'm wondering if I could possibly have a cellulitis on top of the sprain, or even a touch of arthritis or gout (both of which were mentioned as possibilities by my doctor during the crankle saga).  What I did for the short term was take half a Percocet (whiich knocked me for a loop as usual) and lie in bed with the leg propped.  I even napped a bit to whatever game was on MLBN, and although the pain is mostly gone I'm going to call for an appointment as soon as the office opens (even before I get to work) and have it looked at.  I'm also going to reschedule my two mental health appointments that I was supposed to have this week.  After all, both my therapist and my psychiatrist have offices on second floors of buildings with no elevators, and other than crawl up flights of stairs I don't think I can get there...

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Argh. Just...argh.

When it rains it pours, I swear.

Yesterday was very good up until round about suppertime.  The steroid nasties are nearly gone, and my mobility has improved, and I opted to walk around at work without my cane.  I did just fine, although I was limping some by late afternoon.  Came home and was in "kitchen stuff" mode and was THAT close to boiling up some whole wheat pasta, when I turned my left ankle under HARD.  Not sure if I heard a pop or it was just the shock to my system, but it didn't sound good.  I fell against the door to my furnace closet and knocked it off the hinges.  Then I started hollering, thinking I had probably broken something.  After a minute or two I was able to get up, not really able to bear weight on it, but I got myself onto my cane, opened the kitchen door, and started yelling for my neighbor Bob.  I started tottering across the yard, then dropped to the ground and started crawling towards Bob's apartment.  Thankfully, he heard me and came right outside, hoisted me up, and got me back in the house.  My first thought was that he needed to drive me to the ER, but when I called the doctor on call at my office, he said it sounded like I should wait for an x-ray at clinic this morning.  In the meantime he instructed me to take ibuprofen and some Percocet (I have a very few pills on hand from surgery two years ago), do ice baths, and prop it up.  So Bob went down the street to get a bag of ice, I called my office to tell them I'd be out today (AGAIN) because I needed to stay off my foot, and then Bob brought me some freshly stewed slow-cooker beef that was out of this world, and I stirred together some corn, beans, salsa, and sour cream that was intended for tacos, and that sufficed for dinner.  After that, I did the ice bath and went to bed, where I fell asleep during the 7th inning or thereabouts.

Damn ankle is swollen up like a goose egg.  I can bear weight, but I have to move v-e-r-y slowly and pay attention to how I place my foot.  I have an appointment for 11:30.  I thought Bob was going to drive me but it turns out that he can't.  I guess I'll take the back roads over there, because driving is going to be dicey at best, seeing as how I'm having trouble bending my ankle.

Oh, this is so much fun.  Not.

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Mold, I hate you.

Sorry for the spam, y'all.  My decluttering efforts this evening involved sorting through some of my old cassette tapes (I have several hundred to go through, dating all the way back to the 1970s).  Prior to tonight I had been working on the noncommercial tapes that were unrelated to my many years as a fiddler; tonight I got started on a box of tapes recorded at festivals, parties, bar gigs, and of course a few commercial tapes put out by old friends over the years.  I had been dreading this with good reason.  I already knew that commercial tapes tend to disintegrate/mold/whatever more readily -- I guess the manufacturers use cheaper materials than what my my friends and I used for our private endeavors.  So tonight, as I had suspected, I had to throw out most of the stuff that my old pals recorded professionally, because the tapes were full of chalky white spots and fun stuff of that nature.  What upset me, though, was that a good percentage of the personal tapes were similarly ruined.  Not all of them, certainly, and there were some happy surprises, such as the pristine condition of the tape that I made the very first time I went to a bar gig by the band that literally changed my life.  That was back in 1980 and I recorded it on a freaking MEMOREX tape (!!!!), and it has held up all these years.  But for every "oh wow, it lives!" moment there was an "oh shit I have to throw this one out" moment.  So many memories...right into the trash.  It really sucks.

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Ready for action!

Hey all!  I'm feeling a bit scattered at the moment because there are so many things demanding my attention, but it's mostly in a good way.  I caught last night's Opening Day ATL/PHI game from about the 6th inning on, with the delay due to a call from a friend who I needed to catch up with, and then I whacked my left kneecap but good while getting up from the table.  There was actually a dent in it, and for a moment I thought it was broken, but I *immediately* downed a couple of ibuprofen, then spent the rest of the game lying on the bed with an ice pack on it.  Although I've got a bit of a bruise today, to my surprise it's not all that sore and I can move it just fine.  What a relief.

I know lots of folks around Red Sox Nation were disappointed about today's rainout, but really? Putting it off until late tomorrow afternoon means that I'll be able to watch the tail end of the game, and I'm pretty excited about that!  I finally ordered my MLB.tv Premium sub yesterday so am ready to go.

Speaking of inclement weather, y'all New Englanders can take comfort in the fact that you're not having OUR weather...we're supposed to have 2-4" of snow by the end of tomorrow.  April snow isn't unheard of here, or even May snow, for that matter, but it was into the mid-70s yesterday and I was so very much enjoying the cherry trees around town and the violets and dandelions in the yard, and they may not look nearly as pretty if we have the hard freeze that the weather folks are predicting.

Other than that, I'm sitting here awaiting the start of the NCAA Championship Game, and what more can I say other than GO HEELS!!!

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Post du jour...

Hey all, I'm just driving by here.  Back tightened up on me while stretching this morning.  This was not helped by a "fitness assessment" that I did at work today.  Our wellness director is quite the zealot when it comes to measuring employees' progress towards all fitness all the time, and even though I opted out of several components of the test, I'm still pretty sore.  I'm also tired, thus I'll be getting to bed early-ish again in hopes of being well rested for the big Carolina Rampage this weekend!  Yes indeed, the time has come for me to make the relatively brief (2-1/2 hours) drive to Charlotte to meet up with[info]lovinbecks19 and[info]new_world_smurf and see what kind of mischief we can get into.  Tee hee!  So...although I plan to jump on line for a bit tomorrow, if I'm strangely absent between now and Sunday, that's why.

Happy weekend early!   :D