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Just thinking...

It just occurred to me that someday I will read back over all my incessant blathering about David and either laugh or cringe, or more than likely both.

In other news, I thought I was over my stomach thing but I guess not.  The saga began this morning at work when I developed a blindingly bad migraine and took some Imitrex for it, which didn't help at all.  It was the kind of migraine that did NOT include nausea, thankfully, so I was able to eat lunch and that eased the pain a bit, but for some reason I felt absolutely spaced out...sort of a migraine hangover.  I got through the "must do today" part of my work and then came home and went to bed.  Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep -- just laid there for three hours until it was time to get up and cook supper (at least I thought I was going to).  I began feeling queasy almost as soon as I got up so tried to stave it off with some [freshly bought, non-expired!] yogurt, but that only made it worse.  I couldn't even stomach the thought of trying to deal with cooking, so the cookbook went back on the shelf and once again it's sick tummy soup for dinner.  I'm rather miserable and oh so frustrated.  Apparently there IS some sort of stomach bug going around, and if I'm not mistaken there are headaches associated with it, so I'm guessing this is what I'm dealing with.  Make.It.Stop....
misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc

Hey, anyone who reads the Urgent Typewriters slashfic...

They finally updated, in case you didn't know...

In other news, today was Retail Therapy Day.  After an early morning haircut I headed for one of the malls on that end of town, where I got three tops, a fancy winter scarf, and new house slippers.  Went to a yummy (and very spicy) Latin American restaurant for lunch, which unfortunately succeeded in trashing my stomach, so I came home and chilled for awhile until I felt better (I did bring the leftovers home for tomorrow, but will seriously coat my stomach before eating them).  Then it was off to the BIG mall near my house, where I got my 2012 calendar and datebook and tried on a couple more tops, neither of which looked right, so...no.  By then I was absolutely exhausted so came home and was in my PJs by 5:00.  Oh, Saturday, haha...

ETA: About Urgent Typewriters...I just tried to leave a comment using my LJ ID, and it said that "Open ID could not be verified," and when I tried again using my WordPress ID (which I assume is my username?) it told me I didn't own that identity.  Anyone out there who's tech savvy who can help me?  I was always able to leave comments before, so don't understand what the problem is...    :(
misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc

Just thinking...

Some of the folks I've befriended in real life over the last several of years (to whatever degree) are real chatterboxes who seem to talk just to hear themselves talk, are totally self-absorbed, etc.  I have to wonder if this is karmic payback for all the years that I was one of those people.  Or could it be that I've become a total introvert since those aforementioned years?  I don't know...it just crossed my mind.

In other news, I haven't even checked on here since my last post, I don't think.  I'm going to make time for that a little later today.  Got massive housework to do first.  Hope all my LJ friends are well.

ETA: For anyone who is wondering because I live in North Carolina, I live on the far western end of the state, about 400 miles from the coast.  The western rain bands from Irene stayed a good 200 miles to the east of me.  All we got here in the mountains was a brisk breeze for a couple of days, as well as counterclockwise cloud movement.    I'm glad the storm damage elsewhere was less than expected, at least in most places, and as I noted on my Facebook, I heard that the length of time it took the eye to traverse the eastern edge of North Carolina was one of the reasons that the storm didn't regroup as it went up the coast, otherwise things may not have turned out so well.
misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc


Can't keep up!  Just cannot. keep. up.

I'm doing a whirlwind trip through Internet-land while finishing simmering a chili for a work potluck tomorrow.  After that I'm going to fall into bed.  I was up at ass o'clock this morning because of an early medical appointment, and by this afternoon I felt like I was going to fall asleep at my desk!

In other news, so much heartache for so many people, it seems.  I found out this morning that my upstairs neighbor's sister died from complications of childbirth.  Last night I reconnected with a high school classmate on FB and learned that a) he needs a double lung transplant and b) his wife died of cancer last month.  Life really sucks sometimes, you know?

On that cheery note, I'm going to turn off the stove and let the chili cool down.  Hoping to have sweet dreams of pretty baseball mens...    ;)
misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc

And so a new month dawns...

Right around 40 degrees this morning, as predicted.  There's ground fog outside my window and the furnace has come on this morning even though I (stubbornly refusing to give in to the onset of fall) have the thermostat set at 60.  I don't much like the smell of "first heat" as the air ducts clear themselves, and of course it won't help my allergies much.

My Internet travels this morning, as always, have included the Red Sox section of the Globe, and it looks like Wakey is done for the year.  :::hugs him:::   I had Gameday going last night even though I was busy doing other things around the house, and honestly?  I'm glad I skipped the live broadcast of that game.  Ugh.

Finally, here's a timely quote I found in an article over at Salon.com yesterday (one of my favorite websites for political and social commentary), on the subject of decluttering.  "Most of the stuff left behind, though, was just random big-box store dreck, the crap that fills your closet or basement, biding its time before going off to the landfill. Attachments, as they say, lead to stress, and when you're looking at a new start in new circumstances, why not discard what you don't need, what's holding you back in some past situation you want to be free of."  Yes.  Exactly.

Time to get ready for work.  Enjoy the day, y'all.
misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc

Ah, the good life...

Happiness (after being angstified last night, as my f-list knows) is getting a good night's sleep after being so tired that I actually fell asleep while reading in bed and didn't wake up until 8:30 this morning, at which time I was momentarily puzzled as to why my bedroom light was on.

Happiness is deciding that it's okay to spend the day being a slug...for the first time in three weeks!  I didn't even get out of bed until noon, such was the depth of my laziness, but I'm not beating myself up about it because I deserved it.

Happiness is the first warm day in awhile...into the mid-60s, and we're supposed to stay more or less this warm for a full week!  I actually had two windows and my kitchen door open for several hours, so the house got a decent airing out before the sun went down and I had to bundle up again.

For all of the above...I'm thankful.  Just had to share.  Plus, I had to show off my newest icon, because I can't have just one Saadiq icon.  Yeah, I know, he has really strange looking ears, LOL.  Anyway, I was hoping that my CD shipment would arrive today because I can't wait to hear that new album, but alas, the U.S. Postal Service must be lazy too.  It's up for three Grammys, and I hope tomorrow night's awards ceremony brings good news for "Ray Ray."

I guess I should try to get something done around here before day's end, so that's all for now.   :D

misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc

Driving by...

Just a quick note to say hey to the usual suspects and ramble BRIEFLY before I grab some desperately needed sleep.  It's been snowing off and on all evening and is currently blustery and very cold.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the storming continues with enough vigor to give me a snow day tomorrow.  I really could stand some extra time to get caught up on stuff.  I'm finding that my time is at a serious premium now that I'm taking a class, homework and all.  The subject matter is very interesting, and both the class and the discussion group require the kind of thought processes that I haven't had to deal with since...oh, about 1980 when I finished college!  Last night about wore me out, and things should get really interesting once my second class begins this Thursday.  If I'm a little more scarce in the coming weeks, that's why.  It'll be fun to juggle all of my outside activities with Spring Training.  Fortunately, the Monday night class will end just as the regular season begins.  :::whew:::

That's all for now.  I'm headed off to the land of snuggling with pillows.   ;D

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