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I have...

some great news that I didn't want to post on Facebook and had forgotten to mention earlier.  After five years without a raise at work, including a 3% pay cut from which we got 1% back...The Powers That Be have decided that it's time to reward the long-suffering staff by giving back the rest of that pay cut plus 3% more.  So I'm getting a 5% raise in August.  I realize that this works out to 1% a year when you consider how long it's been since my last raise, but still...I'm pretty darned happy that we're finally getting SOMETHING.

One other thought, completely unrelated and very weird...and I've been meaning to post this as well, but again not on Facebook for obvious reasons: Sometimes I wish that male brothels were legal.  I swear I really do.  Because I have been involuntarily celibate for so long (since 8/2001) that at this point I would almost be willing to pay someone to have sex with me.   :::sigh:::

I know he's gotta be out there somewhere.
misc mountain ridges - mt mitchell nc

Tired but happy...

That was a lovely game tonight. Josh and Mikey both returned most triumphantly, Josh with his wonderful pitching and Mikey, well, Mikey was just a triple shy of hitting for the cycle. Coco and Jacoby both did the honors in that regard...back to back. I've never seen BTB triples before. Talk about Jacoco goodness!

I'm too tired to remember much more about the game than the final score (8-1, but y'all know that already). It was another grueling week at the office, not because of any negativity but because I'm just so damn BUSY! It's a good thing we had Monday off, but I feel like I worked a full week in four days. I'm just worn out.

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I forgot to mention prior to this that I ordered a Coco shirt last weekend. It was waiting for me when I got home from work this evening. I love it -- it's so PRETTY! (squees mightily)  It's navy, and I managed to get it with red lettering on the back. I like that better than the white lettering on my other navy Sox shirt. Anyway...I'll be wearing it out and about tomorrow as I do a pile of errands. I thought about wearing it tonight during the game and then as a nightshirt but would rather show it off to the world.

I'm so tired that my eyes are crossing, so am actually going to bed THIS early on a Friday! I hope everyone enjoyed the game as much as I did (actually, I know you did).  ;D