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With respect to Amendment One...

I've already posted something on Facebook about Amendment One because I'm incredibly pissed about it, but this one thing I have to post here instead.  I have a fundamentalist coworker who friended me sometime back -- if it weren't for the fact that she works right down the hall and I have to see her every day and have several other coworkers on my list, I would never have friended her, and I sort of wish I hadn't because I get sick and tired of her "God this" and "God that" posts.  But I digress...she got married a few weeks ago, in a very traditional ceremony with a non-alcoholic and "no dancing allowed" reception, and I find it just incredibly distasteful that she chose TONIGHT, just a couple of hours after the amendment passed (and this after she posted a status update yesterday urging everyone to do the "Christian thing" and vote for marriage to be between one man and one woman because that's what God wants)...to post her damn wedding pics.  Just really deliberately nasty shitty timing, fundie bitch.

Yeah, I went and said it.  Because I can't say it on Facebook.  So there.
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A week?

A freakin' WEEK and I haven't updated?  I can haz very very bad girl?

I'm actually just checking in for a second while I comb my recent entries for stuff to discuss with my therapist at my appointment tomorrow.  Nothing huge to report since my last update, haven't crossed paths with David in a week and a half, have been working hard, am eagerly anticipating the upcoming four-day weekend, don't much care about Christmas but I'll do my daughterly duties on Sunday...

and I'll update at greater length soon.  Got it on my to do list.  Hope all is well with whoever reads this.
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My personal e-mail was hacked this afternoon and sent out spam messages to everyone on my contact list.  I know I have e-mail addresses for some folks on my friends list here on LJ -- if you received spam from me, you have my sincerest (and most red-faced) apologies.  I changed my e-mail password as soon as I discovered the problem, and hopefully it won't happen again. 

I hate when this shit happens.
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Weird dream alert...proceed at your own risk!

Okay, I hate to be totally lame and ask for interpretation on this, but it was so off the wall that I had to ask.  It sort of makes sense but I want to know what you guys think.

Background: There's a guy who I'm friends with on FB.  We have never met but do have quite a few mutual real-life friends, as he's involved with my music community.  I was interested in him for a short while, with a little bit of encouragement from one of those real-life friends, and we corresponded briefly but soon it became apparent that He Wasn't That Into Me, so I took the hint, and after awhile I Wasn't That Into Him either.  I do keep tabs on what he's up to, not because I'm interested in him, but because his exploits as a newly single man are rather train-wrecky and amusing.

So the dream...in part of it I was involved in a group clean-up after someone's house party (in real life, that someone is currently going through treatment for cancer and has a lot of community support).  I don't remember any details.  The part about the guy was that he and I were in the same vicinity, hanging out or whatever, and then I was holding a container (a large cup? a handheld urinal? I don't remember) and he was pissing into it.  I kept on emptying it and then holding it for him again.  I believe the final amount was a quart.  It was extremely bizarre.  And when I woke up and remembered it, all I could think (with a chuckle) was that he just pissed all over my dreams, which as I mentioned, sort of makes sense...he was the first "real life" person who I had had ANY interest in a very long time, even though it was a long shot due to distance (hundreds of miles) and age (I've got 15 years on him, but one of his current girlfriends is my age, go figure!).  And whatever interest he may have had waned very quickly...so that indeed was pissing on my dreams.

So, friends, what do you think?  Was that pretty straightforward or is there anything more that you see here?
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I hate the U.S. Postal Service.  They are so unbelievably inefficient.  I'm *still* waiting for my Lincecum shirt that I ordered on Amazon.  All my other purchases (both for myself and for others) already arrived at their various destinations, mind you, and when I checked the tracking a couple of days ago, it had arrived here in Asheville on November 23, yet still wasn't here yesterday.  How the hell can it take three days to get delivered right here in town?

So...I just got back on Amazon to check the tracking again, and here is what I found:

November 26, 2010 11:11:00 AM Murphy NC Shipment forwarded to a different delivery address
November 26, 2010 11:10:00 AM Murphy NC Arrival Scan
November 23, 2010 02:29:00 PM Asheville NC Shipment received by carrier
November 22, 2010 --- --- Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit

Hello?  Why would they send it to Murphy, which is 2 hours from here?  So I called the main number for the USPS, and they said "sometimes it happens that way,"  but it did get sent back from Murphy and arrived in Asheville this morning, and *maybe* I'll get it today.  Thank goodness for small favors, but if they hadn't screwed up, I would have gotten it three days ago and could have been wearing it proudly by now.   :::sigh:::

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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You have GOT to be kidding me...

Tek as the latest casualty, out for six weeks with a broken foot?   :::headdesk:::

I didn't see the game so don't even know the particulars, but still.  This would be almost comical were it not so frustrating and downright tragic.  Not that I'm not GLAD to see Cashie back, mind you (especially as I know that it will make one particular f-lister absolutely ecstatic), but...this seems to be the season of all seasons for wounded warriors.

In happier news, it is absolutely delightful outside this morning.  Barely 60, I think.  I actually had to change into a heavier shirt.  And it's wonderful to sleep with the windows open and no A/C running.  I love the total silence in the wee hours.

Off to the morning rush.  Later, y'all.

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All I can say is...

This spinach-tofu manicotti had better be supremely fantastic.

The 1 hour and 10 minute prep time must be geared towards professional cooks, or at the very least, very experienced cooks who are whizzes in the kitchen.  I have been at this since 6:30.  It's now nearly 9:00 and I just got it into the oven.

Of course, I should have followed the instructions and prepared the filling while the manicotti was cooking, but silly me!  It didn't occur to me until after I prepared the filling that I could keep the manicotti from drying out by leaving it in cold water after draining it (figuring correctly that making the filling was going to take awhile).  And of course, I've never in my life prepared a stuffed pasta dish despite growing up in an Italian family.  When I, in desperation, looked up on line "how to stuff manicotti," because how the hell am I supposed to get the filling into that little tube anyway, I found instructions about fashioning a makeshift pastry bag by cutting the corner off a gallon Ziploc bag.  Sounded easy enough, but...no.  The filling went everywhere but IN the manicotti.  So I painstakingly stuffed a dozen manicotti by hand, which took probably half an hour.  By that time, I was so intent on finishing the damned thing already that I forgot to look at the clock.

It's par for the course for recipes to take three times the estimated time when I fix them.  I have always failed at the domestic side of life.  So...for all my time and effort, this had better be the tastiest dish in the history of ever.   :::sigh:::

ETA:  Om. Nom. Nom...very tasty indeed.  Worth the wait.  And...I have leftover filling that is ready to use as sandwich spread (mashed tofu-spinach-cream cheese), although I have enough manicotti for three more meals, so I may give some to my next-door neighbor lest I should get sick of all this food.  Alternatively, I suppose I could freeze the extra filling.  Vegetarian-oriented friends out there, do you know if it would freeze okay?
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Just one more night, y'all!!!

Dear everybody,

Cleaning aside: The bathroom and bedroom are ready to load up, aside from what I need for tomorrow morning.  The back room is done except for packing the LPs (finding boxes is proving to be a challenge...one more run by the liquor store tomorrow, perhaps?).  The kitchen is down to dishes, silverware, coffee mugs, and the cleaning supplies for tomorrow's crew.  Moving truck guys have been confirmed -- just gotta touch base once more this evening.

So....I'm on the home stretch of the home stretch.  And given that I met my landlady's new tenant across the way this afternoon, I'm glad that I'm getting out this weekend. 

Collapse )

Just so glad to be getting away from this place and this whole section of town.  Just one more night.

I may or may not get a chance to post anything tomorrow morning, but just know that after that I'll be in radio silence mode until Monday at the earliest.  I'll see you all on the flip side.
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Sunday morning ramblings

Good morning, everyone!  I've been up since 8:00 and woke up even earlier than that, which is uncharacteristically early for a Sunday, but I guess I'm so excited that I'm super energized.  Seven hours of sleep works for me, though, so it's all good.

Yesterday I ran two full carloads of stuff over to the new apartment AND went grocery shopping.  Finally got done eating dinner around, I dunno, probably close to 9:00, then settled in for some computer meandering and intermittent following of various ballgames.  I checked in at Sox and Dawgs (IAN WOULD STILL LIKE FOLKS TO SHOW UP, PLS KTHXBAI!), where things were extremely quiet.  When I mentioned the Mets/Cards marathon, Ian said it was on FOX.  It didn't show up earlier when I checked the live program schedule with my remote, probably because it was supposed to have already finished, so I was glad for the heads up and promptly turned the TV on TOTAL BLAST VOLUME so I could hear it while I computered in the kitchen.  What a hoot to see pitchers in the field and position players on the mound.  I only wish that the Cardinals had won, but I'm not mad -- 20-inning games still make for all kinds of fun media coverage the next day.  And besides, the idea of a game that long always makes me laugh.

The only other thing I've got to report is that thanks to some of my f-listers who post their Twitter feeds in their journals, and thanks to a couple of searches I did there on my baseball boyfriends (just to see what came up in the results), I'm starting to read Twitter a bit.  This is a total WTF for me, because I swore I'd never get involved.  But...I'm finding it rather interesting to see all those little snippets of stuff.  It makes for good cyberstalking too, LOL.  I doubt if I'll actually start tweeting anytime in the near future.  I'm more likely to join Facebook.  Matter of fact, that's on my to-do list for the coming months.

Off to another day of packing boxes and running errands.  I KNOW I OWE A LOT OF COMMENT REPLIES -- there are currently about 20 of 'em in my in box.  I'll try to catch up soon, I promise!
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How did that happen?

I must have a subconscious desire for punishment or something.  SOMEHOW...I set my alarm clock for a half hour early and didn't even realize it until I had been in morning routine mode for about 20 minutes.  I had to laugh -- I am SO not a morning person.  If I had it my way, I'd sleep until 8:30 during the week.  Amazingly, I feel just fine, probably because I achieved my goal of getting to bed before 11:00 so actually got a reasonable night's sleep...

I've got an easy day on tap -- at least it appears that way atm -- just a quick doctor's appointment to quell my almost certainly unfounded fears about my heart health.  I can thank my landlady's deceased brother for that fear...I'm 99% sure that the occasional chest discomfort and palpitations I've been having over the past few months is caused by flares of my gastroesophageal reflux as well as a bit of extra anxiety.  I mean, who wouldn't be stressed if they were dealing with my housing situation and financial issues?  Anyway, I'm going into this appointment with the idea that it's a "worried well" exam, as we call it at my office.  I'm sure I'll be fine.

In other news...National Weather Service is predicting a "significant winter storm" for my area between Thursday night and Saturday.  Details at 11.